Monday, September 13, 2010

Take off the blinders people!!! (Qu'ran burning is silly)

This whole Koran burning thing is ridiculous. It is a distraction from REAL issues. Burning a Koran will not put our soldiers in any more harm than they already are. It will not cause more Muslims to hate Americans or Christians, news flash, they already do! They never stopped, and most likely will continue well into the future. I do not support the pastor who did it or planned to do it because it is decidedly un-Christian. It is a worldly response, rather he should seek to educate and profess the truth of Christ to those who call themselves Muslims. Reveal to them the truth regarding their religion, and expose it for what it is. Burning a koran is simply returning evil for evil rather than overcoming evil with good. I see it as a vain attempt to get media attention.

As for the guy in the video, I don't know who he is and to be honest, I don't care. I don't think burning the Koran does anything but prove that most people in this country and around the world are easily manipulated and controlled by over the top, emotional rhetoric and media grand-standing. We wax patriotic about 9/11 yet fail to ask real questions regarding what actually happened! We accept the idiotic 911 Commission report as truthful and factual, not realizing that an aluminum plane cannot, nor will it ever, bring down a steel and concrete reinforced structure. I am not one to say "Bush did it" or that it was Chaney or Clinton's fault, that is equally idiotic. Yet, no one can deny reality. Those buildings were brought down by something far more powerful than two airplanes or a few explosives, and given the amount of time it has taken just for Iran to get a hold of nuclear power, I think we can safely state that, most likely, It was not Muslims that attacked us and brought down those buildings. We are being duped and dumbed down each and every time we participate in the arena of media sponsored rhetorical battles regarding relatively meaningless scenarios concerning pointing fingers at one group or another.

It is time to wake up and stop playing politics. It is not about left vs. right, conservative vs. liberal, or Democrat vs. is about right vs. wrong, good vs. evil. WE need to begin to look at what truly is evil and what truly is good. It seems that we have forgotten.

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