Friday, June 04, 2010

Reverse Racism- Thanks Civil Rights Act!


Anonymous said...

I agree in that what you are talking about is privacy act. There is some domain that is private because it is of your own private ownership, home, car, etc.

But this has nothing to do with civil rights or reverse discrimination which has a different jurisdiction on our rights outside the private domain.

Jerry McClellan said...

The whole point of the civil rights movement was to fight discrimination by government not private sector. The goal was to overturn Jim Crow which was enforced by the Southern States and allowed by Federal laws. Forcing Woolworth's, a private owned business, to serve blacks was pointless and a violation of the owner's civil liberties under the law. Freedom of association. Congress invoked the commerce clause to justify forcing private businesses to integrate, yet that is flawed. Now we have black only organizations and businesses that exclude whites. Many blacks believe it is acceptable to be racist towards whites but not the other way around, idiocy.