Tuesday, February 17, 2009

10 Reasons to Fear an Obama Nation

  1. Dangerous, Corrupt Appointments (Picked because they are hardened left-wing partisans) to do “The Messiah’s” bidding, not the American people’s. Examples: Eric Holder, Attorney General; Janet Napolitano, Director of Homeland Security; Rahm Emanuel, Chief of Staff, Timothy Geithner, Treasury Secretary, and George Mitchell, Middeast Envoy. more

  2. Surrender in the War On Terror and Appease Terrorists by closing Guantanamo Bay, rejecting tough interrogation techniques, apologizing to Muslims, and withdrawing from Iraq, which will endanger Americans. more

  3. Perpetuating the Genocide Against Unborn Children by supporting unrestricted abortion, reversing Bush's executive orders withholding American tax dollars from funding abortions worldwide. more...still more

  4. Destruction of the Electoral Process by reportedly planning to give billions in bailout money to corrupt “community organizations” such as ACORN and other left-wing groups like MoveOn.org. This would further corrupt our already suspect electoral process and strengthen the grassroots leftist groups who aggressively supported his campaign for “change” (socialism). more...still more

  5. Annihilation of Constitutionally Guaranteed Liberties (Rights) Including the right to life, keep and bear arms, freedom of the press (support for restrictions politicizing media outlets). more

  6. Unrestrained Socialism (turning America into a ghetto): Using economic crisis as an “opportunity” to push through the nationalization of American industries starting with the banks and U.S. health care system, initiate massive deficit spending and overall control of our economy, thereby attempting to do to America what the government has already succeeded in doing to America’s inner cities through crippling welfare programs. more

  7. Re-engineering our Armed Forces by severely cutting military spending and allowing homosexuals to serve openly, while also planning to create a civilian national security force “just as powerful, just as strong, just as well-funded as the military” (Explain just what you mean by this, Mr. President). more

  8. Re-Educate the Children by teaching kindergarteners about sex and political correctness. This is what President Obama supported in the Illinois State Legislature, and he and his associate William Ayers (unrepentant member of the U.S. terrorist group the Weatherman) funded the radicalizing children while serving on a foundation board together. Obama is only pro-choice when he’s talking about annihilating unborn children, no choice for them regarding education—it’s the government schools or nothing for the poor, never mind that his own kids—like most liberals’—get private, elite education. more

  9. Making Dr. King’s Dream A Nightmare—for Black and White. Barack Obama has encouraged black Americans to worship him as a “Messiah”, and is planning to hand out government funds under the guise of a “stimulous package” to those who won’t work (this is the payoff expected by many of his constituents). more

  10. Plans to Bring the U.S. Under Increased Global Control through increased cooperation with the U.N. (Law of the Sea treaty, Obama’s global tax proposal, etc.). more