Tuesday, September 22, 2009

ACORN Corrupt to the core...


A couple of years back in 2007, I posted about ACORN and voter fraud investigations. I also commented about our now current president, Barack Obama's connection to this corrupt organization. Now we see that the corruption is far deeper than we first realized and I believe it goes even deeper than this. What bothers me the most is that our president was deeply connected to this organization not very long ago. He was directly benefited by this group, lobbied for them, defended them in court, and raised money for them. Don't be surprised if it comes out that he is intertwined in this corrupt organization at the upper most part of its leadership.

The latest scandal with ACORN is potentional fraud against the IRS, and child prostitution, encouraging a pimp and prostitute to lie to the government in order to qualify for government funded home loans. Amazing!

Dambisa Moyo on her vision for Africa & what's wrong with aid

It is like the old adage, give a man a fish and you feed him for a day, teach him to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.

This is absolutely brilliant and needed to be said. Thank God for common sense. The concepts she espouses in her book can be applied right here in the U.S.A. with social programs, subsidies, and government handouts that have lead to more corruption and poverty than progress. Social welfare programs, particularly targeted towards minority communities have done a great deal of economic and moral damage to those communities. Speaking in reference to the black community specifically, government assistance has only encouraged a greater dependency to government programs, the break down of the family unit, and increased out of wedlock birth rates.

More power to Ms. Moyo, I am thankful she had the gonads to challenge the status quo. I wish more people had the common sense and decency to realize the huge disservice they do when we continue to allow our government and some non-government entities to give money to corrupt regimes in the name of charity. Just becuase something looks good doesn't mean it IS good.

Hat Tip: Booker Rising

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Saturday, August 22, 2009

Barack Obama, the hypocrite...

How is it that the President can suddenly switch gears and decide that passing his screwed up health care bill is a moral and ethical imperative?

It makes no logical sense whatsoever and yet, it seems people are buying it hook line and sinker. Amazing! Take a look at the video here and see for yourself, the man claims to be Christian yet mocks the very book his "faith" is rooted in. Then when he sees that his health care plan is not very popular among the masses, he switches gears and decides that morality actually does matter, but only when it comes to getting his way. Morality matters only when it makes you politically relevant and popular with certain special interest groups.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Who do we turn to...?

There is lot of hoopla in the media over the proposed health care reform bill that is to be voted on after the congressional recess. While the reform bill is incredibly complicated, the opinions on either side are quite simple. On one side we have those who say that our health care system is broken and we need to do two things to fix it; ensure that millions of Americans have access to health care, and ensure that health care is affordable for all Americans. While I am sure many would agree that our health care system does need massive improvements, especially in the area of cost, I am not so sure that this new bill is the answer, considering that it has been rushed through with such unnecessary urgency, without being revealed to the general public nor, by their own admission, not even being read in its entirety by our public representatives, the very people who are supposed to vote on it!

In a Townhall.com article written by Thomas Sowell, a particular point he made regarding the health care debate stood out to me and reminded me of something I remember hearing President Ronald Reagan say in one of his early speeches. First Mr. Sowell writes:
"But where are Americans to turn if we become like Canada? Where are we to go when we need better medical treatment than Washington bureaucrats will let us have? Mexico? The Caribbean?"
President Reagan made the same point in his historical speech he gave for Barry Goldwater when he ran for president, the speech was called "A Time For Choosing", in it he states:
"Not too long ago two friends of mine were talking to a Cuban refugee, a businessman who had escaped from Castro, and in the midst of his story one of my friends turned to the other and said, "We don't know how lucky we are." And the Cuban stopped and said, "How lucky you are! I had someplace to escape to." In that sentence he told us the entire story. If we lose freedom here, there is no place to escape to."
Folks, I agree with both points here, we have to stop and really think about what we are losing each and every time we ask "big brother" to solve our problems. Something I've come to realize about government involvement in anything other than what it was established to do is this, whenever we want the government to provide us something, they first MUST take it from us in order to give less of it back to us. Whatever it is we have received from our government is far, far less than what we could have had we done it ourselves. Many of us Americans seem to forget that we are a great and truly free country, a model for the rest of the world. People from all over the world flock here for freedom. Many of them make great sacrifices, risking life and limb, just to get into this country and to live free. This includes those nations who already have government controlled health care systems, Canada and other nations come to the U.S. to receive cutting edge medical attention, that they do not and cannot get in their own countries Not because we are smarter, more talented, or are better people, but because we are a free nation. Our medical system is not too far gone where it is stifled by government bureaucracy.

Lets remember these words spoken by to very wise men both past and present, we have to consider that if we continue to give up our freedoms we will reach a point where we will have no where else to turn to . If this health care bill passes, I have no doubt it will be a complete disaster and the truly sad part is that we will not be able to reverse this decision once it is implemented. I think as citizens we tend to forget that the government as an entity, is not here to take care of us. They are not motivated by love to do good things for us as a people. The government's goal is and always will be to simply manage us. The only way to truly manage anyone or anything is to develop ways to control it. This health care reform bill is no such thing, it is neither about health, nor is it about caring, it is merely about control.

I think right now in our great history we are at an impasse. We have reached that fork in the road where we have to choose. The stimulus package, health care reform, the cap and trade bill, etc. are all indicative of where we are headed, and the future is not looking to bright. One road looks dark and dim for us as a country and down the other there is light. Right now it looks as if we are choosing the darker road. There is hope though, I've seen glimpses of hope in these televised townhall meetings that have taken place over the last couple of weeks. I've seen hope in the tea parties taking place all over the country since President Obama took office, and I see hope in those who choose to speak up on the issues and actually get a little mad about them.

Lets not let up, get mad, then speak up to those who are making these choices for us, those who we have allowed to serve us.
Lets take back our freedoms one policy at a time.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Obama's Stupidity...

If you watched the press conference given by our President last night you would have seen and heard him make comments regarding racial profiling in reference to a recent incident involving Henry Louis Gates being arrested for disorderly conduct by an officer who had arrived at Mr. Gate's residence in response to a call involving breaking and entering. Apparently Mr. Gates was locked out of his own home and had to jimmy his way in along with his driver, neighbors suspected a break in and called the police. According to the arresting officer Mr. Gates became belligerent towards him and so was arrested for disorderly conduct. The arresting officer Sergeant James Crowley has stated that he is not racist and will not apologize, in spite of requests to do so by Gates.

Given that Mr. Gates is a friend of the President I guess Mr. Obama couldn't help but to comment on the issue. Maybe he felt obligated to do so, which is understandable yet, I think that his coming out on any side was a tad bit premature and maybe completely out of place.

From Reuters:
"He should steer clear of it if he doesn't know all the facts," said Patricia Lynch, 49, a consultant and graduate of Harvard's Kennedy School of Government, as she emerged from a Boston cafe. "For any specific case, you have to go only by the facts of that particular case."
My sentiments exactly! I find it hard to understand why President Obama decided to comment on this incident when he admittedly did not know all of the facts for himself. It makes absolutely no sense.

Obama stated that while he doesn't know all of the facts of the incident, the Cambridge Massachusetts police "acted stupidly" in arresting Mr. Gates since he had already proven that he lived in the residence. What Mr. Obama fails to realize is the stupidity of his own statement on two fronts, first he admits not knowing all of the facts and then proceeds to comment on a case, implying racism took place without any clear evidence to prove it! Amazing! Second, Henry Louis Gates was arrested for disorderly conduct and not for breaking and entering as Obama's statment implies. According to a Boston Globe article, Officer Crowley was making his way out of the home when Mr. Gates followed him out continuing to be belligerent towards the officer, this is where and why he was arrested, not for trespassing or breaking and entering.

So my conclusion of the Presidents premature comments, without having all of the facts, is that he commented stupidly. While I admit that Mr. Obama is not a friend of mine, I can say with some assurance that what he said last night was stupid, without having all of the facts of course.

Here is a suggestion for our dear President, why not wait for all of the facts to come out first and then come out and make a comment either way. Sounds like the smart thing to do.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

10 Reasons to Fear an Obama Nation

  1. Dangerous, Corrupt Appointments (Picked because they are hardened left-wing partisans) to do “The Messiah’s” bidding, not the American people’s. Examples: Eric Holder, Attorney General; Janet Napolitano, Director of Homeland Security; Rahm Emanuel, Chief of Staff, Timothy Geithner, Treasury Secretary, and George Mitchell, Middeast Envoy. more

  2. Surrender in the War On Terror and Appease Terrorists by closing Guantanamo Bay, rejecting tough interrogation techniques, apologizing to Muslims, and withdrawing from Iraq, which will endanger Americans. more

  3. Perpetuating the Genocide Against Unborn Children by supporting unrestricted abortion, reversing Bush's executive orders withholding American tax dollars from funding abortions worldwide. more...still more

  4. Destruction of the Electoral Process by reportedly planning to give billions in bailout money to corrupt “community organizations” such as ACORN and other left-wing groups like MoveOn.org. This would further corrupt our already suspect electoral process and strengthen the grassroots leftist groups who aggressively supported his campaign for “change” (socialism). more...still more

  5. Annihilation of Constitutionally Guaranteed Liberties (Rights) Including the right to life, keep and bear arms, freedom of the press (support for restrictions politicizing media outlets). more

  6. Unrestrained Socialism (turning America into a ghetto): Using economic crisis as an “opportunity” to push through the nationalization of American industries starting with the banks and U.S. health care system, initiate massive deficit spending and overall control of our economy, thereby attempting to do to America what the government has already succeeded in doing to America’s inner cities through crippling welfare programs. more

  7. Re-engineering our Armed Forces by severely cutting military spending and allowing homosexuals to serve openly, while also planning to create a civilian national security force “just as powerful, just as strong, just as well-funded as the military” (Explain just what you mean by this, Mr. President). more

  8. Re-Educate the Children by teaching kindergarteners about sex and political correctness. This is what President Obama supported in the Illinois State Legislature, and he and his associate William Ayers (unrepentant member of the U.S. terrorist group the Weatherman) funded the radicalizing children while serving on a foundation board together. Obama is only pro-choice when he’s talking about annihilating unborn children, no choice for them regarding education—it’s the government schools or nothing for the poor, never mind that his own kids—like most liberals’—get private, elite education. more

  9. Making Dr. King’s Dream A Nightmare—for Black and White. Barack Obama has encouraged black Americans to worship him as a “Messiah”, and is planning to hand out government funds under the guise of a “stimulous package” to those who won’t work (this is the payoff expected by many of his constituents). more

  10. Plans to Bring the U.S. Under Increased Global Control through increased cooperation with the U.N. (Law of the Sea treaty, Obama’s global tax proposal, etc.). more