Wednesday, September 10, 2008

9/11 Seven Years Later. Has Anything Changed?

A coworker and friend of mine reminded me that it has been seven years since the September 11 attacks at the World Trade Center, Pentagon, and failed attempt on the White House. In the midst of our discussion she posed a simple yet very interesting question, and in my opinion, a very good one, "Has anything really changed since then?" and as a follow up, "has justice been served?". I thought to myself, wow, what great questions to ask in light of the war in Iraq, in Afghanistan and the ongoing debates about deployments, pulling out, and going after Bin Laden. We are now in the midst of another presidential election where the future of the current war is yet uncertain. Many Americans on both sides of the aisle want change and a reform of government. Yet, what does that change mean?

Instead of offering up my two cents, I would like to hear from the blogworld readers out there, what is your answers to these questions.

Has justice been served since 9/11?

What has changed since then?

What does change mean to you when you hear certain candidates speak about it?

Share, don't be shy. Thanks for reading. God bless!