Thursday, December 20, 2007

I was put here to......

I was put here to......

...crawl then walk
To run in the sun,
To listen, to talk
To dance, to have fun,
To seek and find
To work.
To unwind.

To learn until I know.
To strive until I grow.
To hold on and let go,
To laugh until I cry.
To smile.
To ask why?

To solve, to offend,
To fight and defend.
To bleed, to heal
To survive, to mend.
To work on and work out
To go forward and figure out
To speak up and speak out
To be quiet.
To shout.

To teach to fear
To preach and test
To raise and rear
To sleep and rest
To be still and shut up
To tear down then build up
To stand up, then strut

To look up...

...To worship

...To love.

Why are you here?