Monday, October 30, 2006

Be careful, ladies...Stupidity Looms In The Ladies Room

BBC News reports Europe's own issues with this nonsence. Should this even be up for discussion? Amazing, absolutely amazing!

According to, a 70 year old cross dresser in New York City filed suit against the city for not being allowed to use the ladies room at the famous Grand Central Station and other subway stations. Apparently cross-dresser Helena Stone was warned by the stations security to not use the ladies restroom anymore, you know, since he IS a man and all. Of course poor Helena, whose real name is Henry McGuinness, did not appreciate this and decided to sue. According to Henry, it got so bad that he had to use a cup! Poor guy, I wonder though, why didn't he just go to the men's room?

Well, believe it or not this guy won and was paid $2000 in damages. According to the Metropolitan Transit Authority in New York, so called transgendered males can now use the bathroom of their choice! Similar to an existing policy implemented by the Human Rights Commission for government facilities. Amazing! What really bothers me is a comment by one of the subway bystanders saying...

"It doesn't bother me because it is a reality," she said. "If they believe they are women, they should be treated as one."

Huh! So, if I believe I am the president, then that means I should be treated like the president, right? Or, lets frame in relative context, if I believe I should be married to several women then I should be allowed to right? Or if I believe I should marry my horse then I should be allowed to, right? This is stupidity at its best people. Just because this GUY doesn't want to be a man does not mean we, meaning the rest of society, have to treat him like a woman. His decision is his burden to bare, not ours. This whole special rights ideology has gotten out of hand. It is one thing to demand basic human rights under the law as Blacks did so many years ago, it is yet another to demand special rights to accommodate something that is your choice, that is based on your feelings rather than inalienable fact.

The police officer had it right, this guy is a weirdo and should have been arrested as he was. He needs mental help, not patronizing at the expense of the rest of society. Instead of someone stepping up and telling this guy the truth, they simply roll over and give him what he wants without even considering the consequences, and if you cannot figure out what the consequences are then I feel very sorry for you indeed.