Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Illegal Immigration: Real Solutions

One of my favorite columnists/writer/economist/etc., etc. Mr Thomas Sowelle chimes in on the current situation regarding illegal immigration in a two part column called " Guests or gate crashers? Part I & II". I must say as usual, he hits the nail on the head. This whole farce of a protest, pandering, and meandering over the past few days has been about so called workers rights, yet no one wants to identify who the real workers are, illegal aliens. As Mr. Sowelle points out, no American citizen in their right mind can not sympathize with the motivations of many of the Mexicans who cross the American borders illegally in search for work. It is a noble thing to be willing to do all that is necessary to take care of ones own family, yet it is not noble to do so by braking the law.

This whole issue is not about race or discrimination. It is all about power struggles between elitist activists, pusillanimous politicians(that includes Mr. President), and business owners who want to cut corners when it comes to hiring. In a way our own over regulation of the private sector is to blame for much of this grief. Consider the fact that employers are forced to adhere to certain guidelines and conditions when it comes to hiring Americans, so called safety standards and regulations are costly, especially to small and mid sized firms. OSHA standards abound in just about every American company or corporation large and small. I mean, at the last company I worked for, a fellow manager got a paper cut, and because blood was shed as a result, we had to fill out about five different forms according to company and OSHA standards. For a paper cut! Ridiculous!

My point here is simple, the problem with illegal immigration will not be solved through pandering to race hustlers and extremist organizations who merely want to spread their corrupt ideology. Nor will it be solved through rewarding illegal behavior through an amnesty program disguised as a so called guest worker program (even though we already have one in place for those who apply properly). This problem will be solved through doing several key things, first, pressure must be put on our own government to secure our borders. Placing the National Guard there would virtually end illegal immigration over night. Second, begin deporting first those illegal immigrants who continue to brake the law by committing other crimes, i.e., theft, murder, drugs, and gang activity. This will allow others who are here to simply work and make a living the opportunity to continue working for a period and then develop an exit strategy to avoid future arrest. Three, stop increasing minimum wage, revamp OSHA standards, and reduce tax burdens on small and mid size businesses. In other words, get the government out of the private sector and allow the free market to operate. Over taxation and regulation is the number one cause of much of the business failures we see today, G.M. is a good example. Four, even more pressure must be put on Vicente Fox, Mexico's president and his government to reform themselves and begin creating a proper, working infrastructure that allows its citizens access to gainful employment. Mexico needs to become a truly free society and its government either needs to reform or be removed. This pressure must first come from the people of Mexico if it is to be taken seriously. Then as Americans we can demonstrate our support after the fact.

Until these four factors are enacted, there will be no true change or solution to the problem of illegal immigration and the safety of our borders.

One more point I should have mentioned above. Another area that will need serious reform is our entitlement system for individuals and yes I am talking about welfare, public assistance or whatever you want to call it. This needs to be revamped to the point where people are not making more by not working than working, and they are not getting more benefits by staying at home rather than getting a job. When these Americans are forced to work, they will work. They will do the jobs that illegals are doing now. Although, I must admit, I do not buy into such rhetoric. I find it hard to believe that there are no Americans who are not willing to work in landscaping, construction, or even as a maid. Such an argument makes little sense. The reality is that due to over regulation by government, American workers have become too expensive to employ, it isn't that they are unwilling to work or do so called menial jobs. When you have to work, you work, period.