Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Jesse Jackson Held Accountable...

A small victory, yet bitter sweet as Jesse Jackson, in a lawsuit brought on by Jesse L. Peterson of BOND(Brotherhood Organization of a New Destiny), was held accountable for his unruly behavior towards Peterson during a business conference several years ago. While the jury did not find Jackson liable for the charges brought against him, they were split as to the guilt of Jonathan Jackson's charges of assault. In the end though, despite the lies, the jury ruled once again in Jackson's favor.

Despite credible witness testimony corroborating Rev. Peterson’s accounts of the attack perpetrated on him by the Jacksons, Jesse Jackson took the witness stand, never looked at the jurors and lied under oath. Throughout the trial Jesse Jackson, Jonathan Jackson, and their witnesses repeatedly perjured themselves. Among other outlandish claims, Jackson stated that this trial was part of a “giant right wing conspiracy” designed by Sean Hannity, Bill O’Reilly, and the neo-conservatives to destroy him and his organization.
Amazing! What really demonstrated the amount of hubris that Jackson carries about himself, when he did take the stand, he attempted to shake hands with the judge! Thankfully, the judge refused noting that he did not want to sway the jury. This guy is a joke and a half, who takes the witness stand and while up there, shakes hands with the judge? This is the type of attitude we are dealing with in Jesse Jackson, the man has no shame and no doubt believes he is untouchable. You can get the rest of the details about the trial here.

While this may seem as a failure or defeat, I see this as a large step towards change in that now people can see first hand the corruption that is within the Jesse Jackson camp. Hopefully others will see this as an example and be encouraged to stand up for God's truth against those who seek to lie, exploit and abuse others while invoking His holy name. I doubt if this will be the last time Jackson gets sued for such behavior. It certainly isn't the first time he has been accused.

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