Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Brokeback, Jacked Up, and Screwed Up...

A Review by Chad Thompson of called Breathing humanity into Brokeback, discusses some positive effects the film may have concerning understanding the struggles of being gay. In one part of this column he notes, "It opens the eyes of those who, before seeing the film, had no idea how darkness looms for those who live in fear of telling their friends and family that they are gay." That may be the case to an extent, yet you cannot ignore the greater, and far more serious influence this film may have, that being, creating an environment that further legitimizes deviant and damaging behavior. I doubt it necessary to make a full feature film with a star studded cast to convey to others how hard it is to deal with homosexuality. I don't need to witness someone drinking or being drunk to empathize with the plight of alcoholism. While Mr. Thompson seems to make some interesting points in this column, especially regarding the fact that homosexual behavior is a symptom of a deeper problem, he comes off as defending the film at first more so than pointing out the fallicies within it, only paying lip service to them. The fact that he actually used the term "homophobic" demonstrates to me that he has a far more liberal attitude regarding being gay and seeks to blame outward reactions to an already deviant behavior, rather than the behavior itself as noted here:
The movie itself argues that it was society's fault that Jack and Ennis never had a shot at living a real life together, and I agree. The early 1960s was a tumultuous time to be homosexual in America, and to the degree that the movie is a statement against the violent and homophobic attitudes of the sixties, I am its fan.
I disagree, it wasn't societies fault, it is Jack and Ennis' fault for choosing to live a deviant lifestyle wihout accepting the consequences of that lifestyle. Thompson should have continued focusing on the true cause, a sinful nature in need of redemption by our Creator. In so far as his use of the term homophobic, I have a real problem with such terminology given that it isn't even a real word but is only a political trigger word used as a tool to denograte those who actually find such behavior repulsive or disgusting, or who simply disagree with it, and rightfully so. Unwarranted violence against gays is no different than violence against blacks or any other individual, it is wrong and only demonstrates that there is evil in the world. For those who commit such violence it is the same assessment, they are in need of redemption as well.

Later in the article though, he begins drawing very good and interesting contasts regarding the existence of God and characters behavior in response to it. He writes:

The truly ironic part of the film is that almost every single scene contains a visual acknowledgment of God’s existence, along with a practical denial of it.

The apostle Paul says, “Since the creation of the world God's invisible qualities—his eternal power and divine nature—have been clearly seen, being understood from what has been made, so that people are without excuse.”

The scenery portrayed in Brokeback Mountain—the rock formations, the sunrise, the skies, the rivers—they all testify to the existence of God and to the greatness of God. Yet the characters in the film acted in exactly the manner that one would expect someone to act who didn’t believe in God.

Very good contrast drawn here. I applaud him on this as it gets more at the crux of the matter for this seems to be the case in real life as well. We continue in our lives struggling with sin and many indulge themselves while still professing Christ, yet in doing so we completely deny Him in spite of the evidence to the contrary. A good example is on the website in the comments section, one commentor refers to himself as a "gay conservative Christian"...sorry but that makes no sense. To acknowledge Christ and at the same time deny him by indentifying with evil is a perfect example of worshipping the created rather than the Creator. Amazing!

The title suggests bringing humanity into the picture, yet the film speaks of and sympathizes with inhumane behavior. The humanity comes in when we begin to look at homosexuality for what it really is, deviant behavior that is an indication of a greater problem within the individual. Just as most deviant behavior is. We have to get away from the political correctness to get at the true solution, our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Only then can humanity be brought to the table, but dressing up the language and using PC terminolgy only obscures the problem and usually points to the wrong solutions. Being more sensitive to gay lifestyles and pushing more to understanding and appeasement isn't going to help anyone.
"Wherefore seeing we also are compassed about with so great a cloud of witnesses, let us lay aside every weight, and the sin which doth so easily beset [us], and let us run with patience the race that is set before us..." Hebrews 12:2
...and that is what its all about. Christians have to get back to what is right and true. We have to stop watering down God's word to fit into what we "feel" is right. We have to stop being afraid to let go of that sin. It is about what God says is right, and He has already estiblished His order from the beginning, He made male and female in His image, Who is blessed forever, amen.

DL Foster chimes in over at Perspectives in Motion on this topic and check out his website, looks like he is doing some great things with this ministry. More power to you DL!

Jesse Jackson Held Accountable...

A small victory, yet bitter sweet as Jesse Jackson, in a lawsuit brought on by Jesse L. Peterson of BOND(Brotherhood Organization of a New Destiny), was held accountable for his unruly behavior towards Peterson during a business conference several years ago. While the jury did not find Jackson liable for the charges brought against him, they were split as to the guilt of Jonathan Jackson's charges of assault. In the end though, despite the lies, the jury ruled once again in Jackson's favor.

Despite credible witness testimony corroborating Rev. Peterson’s accounts of the attack perpetrated on him by the Jacksons, Jesse Jackson took the witness stand, never looked at the jurors and lied under oath. Throughout the trial Jesse Jackson, Jonathan Jackson, and their witnesses repeatedly perjured themselves. Among other outlandish claims, Jackson stated that this trial was part of a “giant right wing conspiracy” designed by Sean Hannity, Bill O’Reilly, and the neo-conservatives to destroy him and his organization.
Amazing! What really demonstrated the amount of hubris that Jackson carries about himself, when he did take the stand, he attempted to shake hands with the judge! Thankfully, the judge refused noting that he did not want to sway the jury. This guy is a joke and a half, who takes the witness stand and while up there, shakes hands with the judge? This is the type of attitude we are dealing with in Jesse Jackson, the man has no shame and no doubt believes he is untouchable. You can get the rest of the details about the trial here.

While this may seem as a failure or defeat, I see this as a large step towards change in that now people can see first hand the corruption that is within the Jesse Jackson camp. Hopefully others will see this as an example and be encouraged to stand up for God's truth against those who seek to lie, exploit and abuse others while invoking His holy name. I doubt if this will be the last time Jackson gets sued for such behavior. It certainly isn't the first time he has been accused.