Saturday, January 21, 2006

Anniversaries...Good and Bad

First the good...

Friday was the 25 anniversary of Ronald Reagan's inauguration to president. Via, I found a great website from the Heritage Foundation that commemorates Mr. Reagan and his career, including many of his speeches, memorable quotes, and video commentary from one of his closest advisors and a Ronald Reagan Distinguished Fellow In Public Policy for the Heritage Foundation, Edwin Meese III.

My favorite speech from Mr. Reagan so far is A Time for Choosing, Mr. Reagan's campaign address for the Goldwater Presidential Campaign. To me, by far this is probably one of the greatest speeches in history. He just lays out in plain English the state of our nation at that time and more importantly, it comes off as amazingly prophetic as the circumstances he describes then seem quite similar to today. I've read it at least five times already and I'm inspired each and every time.

So are you a Ronald Reagan Fan or at least agree that his presidency was benefitial to our nation? If so, what is your favorite speech or quote from Mr. Reagan? If you disagreed with him, why?

And now for the bad....
Lashawn Barber writes
"Tomorrow marks the 33rd anniversary of Roe v. Wade. In what was hailed a “victory” for women, the Supreme Court wrote a new law, giving us the “right of privacy” to have our babies slaughtered in the womb without fear of prosecution for homicide for ourselves and the abortionists."
As usual she is right on the money! It is truly very dark days in our country when we continually allow the mass murder of innocents for the purpose of convenience and selfishness disguised as freedom and choice. I pray that the tide is turning with the appointments of John Roberts to the Supreme Court and the soon to be confirmed Samuel Alito.

It amazes me to no end that many continue to maintain the most backwards of ideas that abortion is actually benefitial to women, while reality says otherwise. If anyone out there knows of someone who is considering abortion or if you are someone who is considering abortion, or maybe you have already had one and need help dealing with your "choice", is a place that may be able to help. There is a plethora of resources and it is completely confidential.

Are there any pro-abortion (anti-life) people out there? How do you reconcile with yourself the guilt of agreeing with murdering the innocent?

Now, on a lighter note: Hillary Clinton Plantation Speech Hilarious!
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Anonymous said...

so many people want to have 'the choice' to murder their children or not based on it being 'their' body. I say phooey.

We all have the right and the choice to walk outside our home tomorrow and commit great carnage, but do we do it? Is there a law giving us the right to choose this? God forbid.

All you have to do is read God's word and you can see that at the moment of conception, it is a life that the Holy Creator created. Not just an embryo or cells. It immediately has a soul when life sprouts.

I think people that think abortion should be legal should think twice about it. It is murder, plain and simple. If anything, ask God.

Agent Annie

Jerry McClellan said...

Thanks for visiting Agent Annie! Great post as well. I agree and to add to it, I would contend that abortion or murder of any kind is not a right. If abortion is a right then that makes other types of murder a right, this is the fallacious thinking going on here with the far left and so called pro-choicers. It is this ideology that gives the right to death, jack kavorkian crowds legs to stand on.