Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Should America Be More Like Europe?

As the title says, should we as a nation be more like Europe, at least in the area of economic policies? Well, Walter Williams in his article titled "Should we copy Europe?" on says no. I agree. If you take a good look at our European cousins they are not really doing so well these days when it comes to fiscal responsibility and social stability. Sure, I've heard a few individuals speak of how the Euro is out-performing the dollar in the market but that's on paper and the dollar is still pretty strong right now and you have to ask why that is and if anything, this article ought to make you wonder how is it that a nation can survive if it continues to weaken its own people through governmental over-taxation and subsidies? Remember the saying, teach a man to fish vs. give a man a fish? Do you recall which was better? According to European policy and those who continue to look to Europe for guidance on American policies, apparently it is better to simply take the fish from another fisherman and give it to someone who doesn't know how to fish, then give the fisherman back a small piece of the fish he caught to begin with.

Is this what we want in America? Do we want to live off of the government rather than live, work, and enjoy the fruits of our own labor? Read Mr. Williams article, maybe you will be surprised, as I was, at just how bad it REALLY is in Europe. If Europe can't get the basic principle of free enterprise and low taxation right, then I doubt if they can get much else right in regards to governmental policies. This has been evident over the past year as we have seen Muslim youths rioting in France and are still doing so to this day. They are finally reaping the whirlwind of their Socialist economic and political policies. I think my point becomes more valid when you read this article from The Brussels Journal called "The Rape Of Europe". This is a perfect example of what might be in our own future if we are not careful here in America. Many of the social doctrines of Diversity and Multiculturalism that are espoused by our leaders will ultimately lead to our destruction as a nation. There is a reason patriotism is important to a nation, especially a free nation if it is to survive, a nation must have the loyalty of its own people. This is why the illegal immigration debate is such a hot topic, underneath all of the political ballyhoo is this harsh reality. Emmigrants of any race or ethnicity who come to this country must assimilate into the American cultural mainstream. It is essential if this country is to survive. In addition, our own economic policies can have a direct correlation between the loyalty, strength and resolve of the people and how much actual financial freedom is enjoyed by the very same. The more you enslave a people the more they will want to rebel and be free, and the less loyal they will become. We have seen this scenario played out throughout history. No right thinking individual wants to be a slave, whether physically or economically. I hope that one day my fellow Americans will come to realize just how little freedom they actually have and begin to fight the powers that be that seek to control and subjugate us all through taxation and over-regulation. Hopefully, the people of Europe will somehow muster the spiritual and political will to fight back themselves. Demanding that their taxes be lower, that the government get out of the business of the "nanny state", and that those who seek to live in their country devote their loyalties to that country whole-heartedly. The idea of all cultures and religions being equal is a bad one and should go the way of the dinosaur.

You know what, I've changed my mind, we should definitely look to Europe when deciding our policies, as an example of what not to do.

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Milton Friedman dies at 94...

Milton Friedman, one of the nations, if not the worlds most profound economists has died today from heart failure. He was 94 years old. Truly a sad day and I am sure he will be missed by many.

Mr. Friedman was a major proponent of free market economics and through him the idea of free-market economics through limited government was ushered into the mainstream conscience. It is this radical idea that is part of the foundational principles of conservatism and the Republican party. It is sad that the Republicans did not live up to this idea in recent years.

Nobel Prize winner, advisor to presidents and writer of many books, he was a giant among men. Hot Air blog has links to videos of Milton Friedman and a link to his autobiography here.

May God bless his family and close friends.

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

ACORN’s Nutty Regime for Cities (UPDATE)


A couple of years back in 2007, I posted about ACORN and voter fraud investigations. I also commented about our now current president, Barack Obama's connection to this corrupt organization. Now we see that the corruption is far deeper than we first realized and I believe it goes even deeper than this. What bothers me the most is that our president was deeply connected to this organization not very long ago. He was directly benefited by this group, lobbied for them, defended them in court, and raised money for them. Don't be surprised if it comes out that he is intertwined in this corrupt organization at the upper most part of its leadership.

The latest scandal with ACORN is potentional fraud against the IRS, and child prostitution, encouraging a pimp and prostitute to lie to the government in order to qualify for government funded home loans. Amazing!

Check it out for yourself. My original post is Here.

Monday, October 30, 2006

Be careful, ladies...Stupidity Looms In The Ladies Room

BBC News reports Europe's own issues with this nonsence. Should this even be up for discussion? Amazing, absolutely amazing!

According to, a 70 year old cross dresser in New York City filed suit against the city for not being allowed to use the ladies room at the famous Grand Central Station and other subway stations. Apparently cross-dresser Helena Stone was warned by the stations security to not use the ladies restroom anymore, you know, since he IS a man and all. Of course poor Helena, whose real name is Henry McGuinness, did not appreciate this and decided to sue. According to Henry, it got so bad that he had to use a cup! Poor guy, I wonder though, why didn't he just go to the men's room?

Well, believe it or not this guy won and was paid $2000 in damages. According to the Metropolitan Transit Authority in New York, so called transgendered males can now use the bathroom of their choice! Similar to an existing policy implemented by the Human Rights Commission for government facilities. Amazing! What really bothers me is a comment by one of the subway bystanders saying...

"It doesn't bother me because it is a reality," she said. "If they believe they are women, they should be treated as one."

Huh! So, if I believe I am the president, then that means I should be treated like the president, right? Or, lets frame in relative context, if I believe I should be married to several women then I should be allowed to right? Or if I believe I should marry my horse then I should be allowed to, right? This is stupidity at its best people. Just because this GUY doesn't want to be a man does not mean we, meaning the rest of society, have to treat him like a woman. His decision is his burden to bare, not ours. This whole special rights ideology has gotten out of hand. It is one thing to demand basic human rights under the law as Blacks did so many years ago, it is yet another to demand special rights to accommodate something that is your choice, that is based on your feelings rather than inalienable fact.

The police officer had it right, this guy is a weirdo and should have been arrested as he was. He needs mental help, not patronizing at the expense of the rest of society. Instead of someone stepping up and telling this guy the truth, they simply roll over and give him what he wants without even considering the consequences, and if you cannot figure out what the consequences are then I feel very sorry for you indeed.

Thursday, September 21, 2006

Once Again...Illegals Demanding Rights That Do Not Belong To Them

Or really I should say, someone else is demanding rights for illegals that do not belong to illegals. That is really what is happening here and has been so for the past few years. Illegal aliens are not necessarily demanding anything themselves, they are simply coming over and working, taking advantage of what has been made available to them. It is the special interests groups and unions that are demanding these "rights" on their behalf, using the people as leverage. Case in point, below is an article from the AFL-CIO website stating there intentions, along with a Hotel Workers union, to stage a massive protest on Century Blvd. right on the corridor leading to LAX. For those of you who may not be familiar as to how significant this may be, LAX is the Los Angeles international Airport. There is literally one major street that leads to LAX that everyone must take in order to get into the airport and that street is Century Blvd. Such a large scale protest could potentially shutdown any traffic leading to or from the airport. As the article below states, the organizers of this event believe that immigrants (illegal aliens) who work here deserve more pay from corporations who hire them. Too many are living at poverty levels. Yet, if that is the case, then why are they still here? Think about it, if these immigrants (illegal aliens) came here to secure better living conditions, better wages, etc., and now that they are here, they are still living at poverty levels, then why not go somewhere else? Why not go back to their country of origin? Why not? Because the reality is that in spite of there relatively low wages, they are still making more money over here than they did in their home country, plain and simple. Living in a one bedroom apartment in L.A. is not the same as living in a run down shack in some 3rd world nation. This is why many immigrants (read : illegals) come here, because in essence they realize that even at its worst, the living conditions and wages in America is still better than where they came from.

This is just another attempt at political pandering to rally the masses and gain some type off leverage with government in order for special interest groups and social organizations to fill their coffers. The people on the streets doing the protesting may get a bone thrown at them for this but it will be the upper echelon of these Unions and special interest organizations that reap the full benefits, both political and monetary.

I have to admit though, I agree with this notion of exploitation, these so called immigrants are being exploited by the corporations and also by these Unions and special interest groups who profess to be looking out for their best interests. The difference is at least these immigrants are being paid by the corporations for their efforts.

Its the same old song.

The We Are America Coalition Joins Hotel Workers in Holding the Largest Civil Disobedience in the History of Los AngelesOn September 28, 2006 the We Are America Coalition along with UNITE HERE, immigrant workers, religious leaders, community members, students, and immigrant rights leaders will march and hundreds will risk arrest to demand an end to the exploitation of immigrant workers. The march and civil disobedience will take place on the Century Corridor near the Los Angeles International Airport, an area with over a dozen hotels that employ thousands of immigrant workers. The protest will shut down Century Blvd. For several hours during rush hour traffic in the largest act of non-violent civil disobedience on record in the history of Los Angeles.

Millions of immigrant workers in the service sector in the United States earn poverty wages without access to affordable health care. “We know that once immigrants are able to obtain legal documents to remain in this country, the exploitation of immigrant workers by their employers continues,” said Maria Elena Durazo, Executive Secretary-Treasurer of the Los Angeles County Federation of Labor. “Millions of immigrant workers are living in extreme poverty. This is reprehensible and needs to change.”

Patty Simmons, a food server at the LAX Hilton and an immigrant from Peru explains how despite working two full time jobs she struggles to make ends meet. “I spent three months separated from my husband and baby when we became homeless because we couldn't afford to pay rent. Now I work 18 hours a day and we live in one bedroom in a friend's apartment.”

We Are America and UNITE HERE's press conference to announce this historic action comes on the heals of an announcement by House Republicans that they will not support the Senate Reid-Kennedy amnesty bill and will pass a new legislative package to strengthen border security.

The immigrant rights groups will continue to focus efforts on legalization and to defend immigrants from legislative attacks but will expand their campaign to also address issues of discrimination and exploitation that immigrant workers face while in this country. “Congress is focused on passing legislation that does nothing to address the issues of discrimination and exploitation immigrants face in this country. We can not allow corporations to exploit immigrant workers for their own profit while hard working immigrants don't have enough money to feed their children, pay the rent, or access to healthcare,” said Angelica Salas, Executive Director of the Coalition of Humane Immigrant Rights of Los Angeles.

Hat Tip: (Steve Frank)

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Going to Hell in a Handbasket II

By way of World Net and Life, Scientists are now using aborted fetus tissue for use as cosmetic youth enhancement for women! They have opened up clinics in tourist destinatons like Barbados to attract the rich and high class clientele. From the article:
To produce the treatments, clinics are using tissue from babies killed in abortions from 6 to 12 weeks into pregnancy and stem cells obtained from destroying human embryos to inject into a client's face. The fetal cells then begin a supposed rejuvenation process that makes the skin look younger.
You might say, well if the fetus was already dead, then why is it a big deal to use it for scientific advancement? O.k. good question, here is your answer:

To obtain the cells, women in underdeveloped nations are paid up to $200 dollars to carry a baby up to the optimum eight to 12 week period when the fetuses are “harvested” for their stem cells which are then sold to exclusive cosmetic clinics.
These people are paying women to get pregnant, carry the child to a certain stage in pregnancy and then aborting the children to be "harvested" for their stem cells and body tissue! The word 'Amazing' comes to mind, amazing that we have gotten to such a point in human history where, instead of advancing forward, we are merely reverting backwards. One thing that I've learned from history is that we do not learn from history. How is it that these people can justify such atrocities? It boggles the mind, yet at the same time it almost makes perfect sense in a world that allows a practice such as abortion to be used as birth control by young women, citing that it is the woman's right to choose. It is no wonder that so many women today are suffering on so many levels now and are exploited more now than possibly any other time in history, yet this exploitation is a willing participation by the victim and the exploiter. So, in truth, I feel little sympathy for a person that participates in any aspect of abortion and suffers the consequences of such acts. It is their just desserts for such a monumental act of selfishness.

As far as these scientists are concerned, they are going to hell in a hand basket, filled with alcohol, sliding down a razor blade. I pray that this practice is stopped and at the least, the poeople involved will repent for their participation, for their own good.

Question to those so called atheists, amatuer scientists, evolutionists, etc. out there. Is this what science is for? Does such a practice contribute to the betterment of mankind?

My answer, if anything, this demonstrates why science cannot be reconciled without religion or a belief in God. There needs to be a moral foundation by which a scientist operates or else his work is of no real use but to those who would exploit it to its darkest ends. Science and religion cannot be separated, they go hand in hand. For science itself is a creation of God almighty.

What say you?

Saturday, June 17, 2006

Spiraling into The Pit of Hell... a hand basket.

From Answers In Genesis: Media quote of the week

“All Abortions 25% Off: In January, a Denver General Hospital clinic began a program to attract reluctant inner-city pregnant women to get prenatal care by offering them free lottery tickets. And in May, a fee-charging family planning clinic in Wilmington, Del., began offering abortions at a 25 percent discount to women under age 18.”

– Chuck Shepherd, News of the Weird, The Salt Lake Tribune, July 25, 1993, p. A-17.

Enough Said.

Thursday, June 08, 2006

Some Inspiration...

UPDATE: Speaking of success, Lashawn Barber of Lashawn Barber's Corner talks about the No Child Left Behind act that President Bush enacted and how it is apparently not working based on some recent studies into the programs. Achievement gaps still plague certain minority groups, blacks in particular. One thing she points out quite clearly is that she doesn't have the answer, although I believe she does offer a solution, just not one everyone wants to accept, her suggestion...
This blogger doesnÂ’t have the answers. My only quest is to urge people to look within before looking without. If your child is failing or under-achieving, why? What can you do that doesnÂ’t involve blaming George Bush or your great-great-great grandfatherÂ’s white owner? Do you encourage achievement in the home? Is it filled with books and other learning materials, or is it filled with vapid DVDs and the sounds of vacuous TV shows? Is the TV on from the time your kids get home from school, or are the children required to complete their homework or engage in activities that stimulate and develop the intellect?
Yes, that is right, parental involvement. Plain and simple. Whatever happened to old fashioned hard work and perseverance that my grandma used to teach me? She would say "...boy, you do your best and God will take care of the rest." Does that still hold true today? I used to get whooped (spanked for those who don't speak ebonics) by my dad for bringing home a C or worse. Not that every parent should punish their child for getting bad grades in this way, yet there is something to holding a child accountable for the performance.
"I don't say these things because I believe in the "brute" nature of man or that men must be brutalized to be combative. I believe in God, and I believe in human decency. But I firmly believe that any man's finest hour, the greatest fulfillment of all that he holds dear, is that moment when he has worked his heart out in a good cause and lies exhausted on the field of battle - victorious."

- Vince Lombardi (NFL Head Coach for Green Bay Packers 1958-67)
Finish reading the whole speech here.

When I was a kid I used to watch these old NFL football high lights shows with my father. At the time I didn't really understand football, let alone know how to play. Yet, for some reason I loved watching the old footage of players running, hitting, tacking, sometimes exhausted, frustrated and even angry. Of course I loved the segments of touch-downs, pass completions and amazing quarter-back sacks or long yard drives. Yet, some of the most memorable for me was that of Vince Lombardi and the Greenbay Packers. Hearing his inspirational talks and seeing how he interacted with his team moved me for some reason. Although I am too young to even really understand the era this man came from, I find myself to be a fan of his none-the-less, a fan of his accomplishments, of his legacy, but most of all a fan of his ability to lead. His ability to inspire. His desire to win.

When I listen to all of the meandering, whining and excuse-making that takes place in our public schools especially, i.e. how our children are dropping out and getting pregnant because schools need more money, yeah right! Or among our elitist politicians, who seem to change positions about as often as a baby with diarrhea changes diapers, I think about men like Vince Lombardi who never made excuses for failure and always stressed for perfection in all things. It would seem that we don't really do this anymore. We as a society seem to almost encourage mediocrity and borderline insanity. When I speak with other parents and teachers they are always afraid of being critical of others, no one wants to stand up and just say what is right anymore. My sons last school didn't even use grades any longer, just ambiguous terminology and a stupid numbering system. How is any child expected to succeed if they don't even know what failure looks like? How do you truly measure success if no one fails?

I posted this quote with the hope of giving you inspiration and maybe some of you out there, like myself, feel that this world has forgotten what greatness looks like what real success is, and most importantly, what the cost of real success is. I like to go back and read some of the writings and quotes from great men just to keep myself from going completely insane. I want to always remember what real success and greatness looks like and most importantly, to understand what it isn't.

Saturday, May 13, 2006

Outsourcing Alternatives

The following is an open letter to those out there who are concerned about the ever increasing amount of job outsourcing taking place in this country. Written by a good friend Lisa Jansen, not only does she lay out the dilema of outsourcing but she then calls for us to come up with real positive solutions to present to businesses and others in power, to curb this trend of losing work to cheaper labor overseas. Please read below and feel free to comment:

Yesterday on KLTA Channel 5, a report on local real
estate vs. income said that only 17% of Southern
Californians can afford to purchase a medium priced
home. This means that people who earn $60,000 are now
in the lower middle class. At the same time somewhere
in LA a couple 100 of Los Angeles Time employees were
told that their jobs are being outsourced to India,
and if the outsourcing works out then the entire
Tribune corporation which employs 21,000 people
nationwide will eventually outsource a majority of
it's computer positions overseas as well. According to
Computerworld 1 in 5 IT jobs is outsourced overseas.
This does not include the 100's of banks postions,
telecommunication service, customer service positions
and manufacturing jobs all overseas. To ask companies
not to outsource would be like standing on the beach
and try to stop the waves from coming in. I understand
the demand for less production and labor costs to make
more of a profit but is outsourcing overseas to
countries with less stringent labor standards the
answer? I tend to wonder where we as a society are
heading when we lose sight of our fellow people on the
path to making and saving a dollar. If we can't afford
to buy gas let alone our own homes, what are we
suppose to do when our $15 to $25 an hour jobs are in
jeopardy by someone who is willing to work for $3 an
hour in Asia?

I am looking for positive alternatives to outsourcing
American jobs overseas. I have friends who have taken
their stand by boycotting the L.A. Times and of course
writing letters to editors, Senators, Mayors etc.
Without solutions a letter writing campaign is futile.
The Tribune and other companies like it are not going
to be intimidated by a few letters or e-mails.
Politicians are not going to risk the support of the
L.A.Times (and it's affiliated papers, radios and
television channels) to promote issues without
plausible resolutions. Employees and unions affiliated
with the Tribune companies are not going to rock the
boat by speaking out because they need to be able to
continue to work in the publishing industry regardless
of how hard finding a local job is going to get.
Several states have pending legislation to minimize
outsourcing jobs overseas but most of these new bills
are mere slaps on the hand. If you had a voice what
would your answer be? If you were the L.A. Times,
Verizon, Google or E-Bay what steps would you take to
keep American jobs on American soil?

I am asking that you write down your alternative and
then copy and forward this entire bulletin to myself
and all of your friends. Hopefully with enough
positive alternatives we can find someone willing to
take on large businesses like the Times and mandate
changes. If you don't agree with my view, thanks for
reading this far and let me know (politely) that you
disagree and I will not forward any more bulletins or
e-mails to you.

I look forward to hearing your voice,

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Illegal Immigration: Real Solutions

One of my favorite columnists/writer/economist/etc., etc. Mr Thomas Sowelle chimes in on the current situation regarding illegal immigration in a two part column called " Guests or gate crashers? Part I & II". I must say as usual, he hits the nail on the head. This whole farce of a protest, pandering, and meandering over the past few days has been about so called workers rights, yet no one wants to identify who the real workers are, illegal aliens. As Mr. Sowelle points out, no American citizen in their right mind can not sympathize with the motivations of many of the Mexicans who cross the American borders illegally in search for work. It is a noble thing to be willing to do all that is necessary to take care of ones own family, yet it is not noble to do so by braking the law.

This whole issue is not about race or discrimination. It is all about power struggles between elitist activists, pusillanimous politicians(that includes Mr. President), and business owners who want to cut corners when it comes to hiring. In a way our own over regulation of the private sector is to blame for much of this grief. Consider the fact that employers are forced to adhere to certain guidelines and conditions when it comes to hiring Americans, so called safety standards and regulations are costly, especially to small and mid sized firms. OSHA standards abound in just about every American company or corporation large and small. I mean, at the last company I worked for, a fellow manager got a paper cut, and because blood was shed as a result, we had to fill out about five different forms according to company and OSHA standards. For a paper cut! Ridiculous!

My point here is simple, the problem with illegal immigration will not be solved through pandering to race hustlers and extremist organizations who merely want to spread their corrupt ideology. Nor will it be solved through rewarding illegal behavior through an amnesty program disguised as a so called guest worker program (even though we already have one in place for those who apply properly). This problem will be solved through doing several key things, first, pressure must be put on our own government to secure our borders. Placing the National Guard there would virtually end illegal immigration over night. Second, begin deporting first those illegal immigrants who continue to brake the law by committing other crimes, i.e., theft, murder, drugs, and gang activity. This will allow others who are here to simply work and make a living the opportunity to continue working for a period and then develop an exit strategy to avoid future arrest. Three, stop increasing minimum wage, revamp OSHA standards, and reduce tax burdens on small and mid size businesses. In other words, get the government out of the private sector and allow the free market to operate. Over taxation and regulation is the number one cause of much of the business failures we see today, G.M. is a good example. Four, even more pressure must be put on Vicente Fox, Mexico's president and his government to reform themselves and begin creating a proper, working infrastructure that allows its citizens access to gainful employment. Mexico needs to become a truly free society and its government either needs to reform or be removed. This pressure must first come from the people of Mexico if it is to be taken seriously. Then as Americans we can demonstrate our support after the fact.

Until these four factors are enacted, there will be no true change or solution to the problem of illegal immigration and the safety of our borders.

One more point I should have mentioned above. Another area that will need serious reform is our entitlement system for individuals and yes I am talking about welfare, public assistance or whatever you want to call it. This needs to be revamped to the point where people are not making more by not working than working, and they are not getting more benefits by staying at home rather than getting a job. When these Americans are forced to work, they will work. They will do the jobs that illegals are doing now. Although, I must admit, I do not buy into such rhetoric. I find it hard to believe that there are no Americans who are not willing to work in landscaping, construction, or even as a maid. Such an argument makes little sense. The reality is that due to over regulation by government, American workers have become too expensive to employ, it isn't that they are unwilling to work or do so called menial jobs. When you have to work, you work, period.

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Brokeback, Jacked Up, and Screwed Up...

A Review by Chad Thompson of called Breathing humanity into Brokeback, discusses some positive effects the film may have concerning understanding the struggles of being gay. In one part of this column he notes, "It opens the eyes of those who, before seeing the film, had no idea how darkness looms for those who live in fear of telling their friends and family that they are gay." That may be the case to an extent, yet you cannot ignore the greater, and far more serious influence this film may have, that being, creating an environment that further legitimizes deviant and damaging behavior. I doubt it necessary to make a full feature film with a star studded cast to convey to others how hard it is to deal with homosexuality. I don't need to witness someone drinking or being drunk to empathize with the plight of alcoholism. While Mr. Thompson seems to make some interesting points in this column, especially regarding the fact that homosexual behavior is a symptom of a deeper problem, he comes off as defending the film at first more so than pointing out the fallicies within it, only paying lip service to them. The fact that he actually used the term "homophobic" demonstrates to me that he has a far more liberal attitude regarding being gay and seeks to blame outward reactions to an already deviant behavior, rather than the behavior itself as noted here:
The movie itself argues that it was society's fault that Jack and Ennis never had a shot at living a real life together, and I agree. The early 1960s was a tumultuous time to be homosexual in America, and to the degree that the movie is a statement against the violent and homophobic attitudes of the sixties, I am its fan.
I disagree, it wasn't societies fault, it is Jack and Ennis' fault for choosing to live a deviant lifestyle wihout accepting the consequences of that lifestyle. Thompson should have continued focusing on the true cause, a sinful nature in need of redemption by our Creator. In so far as his use of the term homophobic, I have a real problem with such terminology given that it isn't even a real word but is only a political trigger word used as a tool to denograte those who actually find such behavior repulsive or disgusting, or who simply disagree with it, and rightfully so. Unwarranted violence against gays is no different than violence against blacks or any other individual, it is wrong and only demonstrates that there is evil in the world. For those who commit such violence it is the same assessment, they are in need of redemption as well.

Later in the article though, he begins drawing very good and interesting contasts regarding the existence of God and characters behavior in response to it. He writes:

The truly ironic part of the film is that almost every single scene contains a visual acknowledgment of God’s existence, along with a practical denial of it.

The apostle Paul says, “Since the creation of the world God's invisible qualities—his eternal power and divine nature—have been clearly seen, being understood from what has been made, so that people are without excuse.”

The scenery portrayed in Brokeback Mountain—the rock formations, the sunrise, the skies, the rivers—they all testify to the existence of God and to the greatness of God. Yet the characters in the film acted in exactly the manner that one would expect someone to act who didn’t believe in God.

Very good contrast drawn here. I applaud him on this as it gets more at the crux of the matter for this seems to be the case in real life as well. We continue in our lives struggling with sin and many indulge themselves while still professing Christ, yet in doing so we completely deny Him in spite of the evidence to the contrary. A good example is on the website in the comments section, one commentor refers to himself as a "gay conservative Christian"...sorry but that makes no sense. To acknowledge Christ and at the same time deny him by indentifying with evil is a perfect example of worshipping the created rather than the Creator. Amazing!

The title suggests bringing humanity into the picture, yet the film speaks of and sympathizes with inhumane behavior. The humanity comes in when we begin to look at homosexuality for what it really is, deviant behavior that is an indication of a greater problem within the individual. Just as most deviant behavior is. We have to get away from the political correctness to get at the true solution, our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Only then can humanity be brought to the table, but dressing up the language and using PC terminolgy only obscures the problem and usually points to the wrong solutions. Being more sensitive to gay lifestyles and pushing more to understanding and appeasement isn't going to help anyone.
"Wherefore seeing we also are compassed about with so great a cloud of witnesses, let us lay aside every weight, and the sin which doth so easily beset [us], and let us run with patience the race that is set before us..." Hebrews 12:2
...and that is what its all about. Christians have to get back to what is right and true. We have to stop watering down God's word to fit into what we "feel" is right. We have to stop being afraid to let go of that sin. It is about what God says is right, and He has already estiblished His order from the beginning, He made male and female in His image, Who is blessed forever, amen.

DL Foster chimes in over at Perspectives in Motion on this topic and check out his website, looks like he is doing some great things with this ministry. More power to you DL!

Jesse Jackson Held Accountable...

A small victory, yet bitter sweet as Jesse Jackson, in a lawsuit brought on by Jesse L. Peterson of BOND(Brotherhood Organization of a New Destiny), was held accountable for his unruly behavior towards Peterson during a business conference several years ago. While the jury did not find Jackson liable for the charges brought against him, they were split as to the guilt of Jonathan Jackson's charges of assault. In the end though, despite the lies, the jury ruled once again in Jackson's favor.

Despite credible witness testimony corroborating Rev. Peterson’s accounts of the attack perpetrated on him by the Jacksons, Jesse Jackson took the witness stand, never looked at the jurors and lied under oath. Throughout the trial Jesse Jackson, Jonathan Jackson, and their witnesses repeatedly perjured themselves. Among other outlandish claims, Jackson stated that this trial was part of a “giant right wing conspiracy” designed by Sean Hannity, Bill O’Reilly, and the neo-conservatives to destroy him and his organization.
Amazing! What really demonstrated the amount of hubris that Jackson carries about himself, when he did take the stand, he attempted to shake hands with the judge! Thankfully, the judge refused noting that he did not want to sway the jury. This guy is a joke and a half, who takes the witness stand and while up there, shakes hands with the judge? This is the type of attitude we are dealing with in Jesse Jackson, the man has no shame and no doubt believes he is untouchable. You can get the rest of the details about the trial here.

While this may seem as a failure or defeat, I see this as a large step towards change in that now people can see first hand the corruption that is within the Jesse Jackson camp. Hopefully others will see this as an example and be encouraged to stand up for God's truth against those who seek to lie, exploit and abuse others while invoking His holy name. I doubt if this will be the last time Jackson gets sued for such behavior. It certainly isn't the first time he has been accused.

Saturday, January 21, 2006

Anniversaries...Good and Bad

First the good...

Friday was the 25 anniversary of Ronald Reagan's inauguration to president. Via, I found a great website from the Heritage Foundation that commemorates Mr. Reagan and his career, including many of his speeches, memorable quotes, and video commentary from one of his closest advisors and a Ronald Reagan Distinguished Fellow In Public Policy for the Heritage Foundation, Edwin Meese III.

My favorite speech from Mr. Reagan so far is A Time for Choosing, Mr. Reagan's campaign address for the Goldwater Presidential Campaign. To me, by far this is probably one of the greatest speeches in history. He just lays out in plain English the state of our nation at that time and more importantly, it comes off as amazingly prophetic as the circumstances he describes then seem quite similar to today. I've read it at least five times already and I'm inspired each and every time.

So are you a Ronald Reagan Fan or at least agree that his presidency was benefitial to our nation? If so, what is your favorite speech or quote from Mr. Reagan? If you disagreed with him, why?

And now for the bad....
Lashawn Barber writes
"Tomorrow marks the 33rd anniversary of Roe v. Wade. In what was hailed a “victory” for women, the Supreme Court wrote a new law, giving us the “right of privacy” to have our babies slaughtered in the womb without fear of prosecution for homicide for ourselves and the abortionists."
As usual she is right on the money! It is truly very dark days in our country when we continually allow the mass murder of innocents for the purpose of convenience and selfishness disguised as freedom and choice. I pray that the tide is turning with the appointments of John Roberts to the Supreme Court and the soon to be confirmed Samuel Alito.

It amazes me to no end that many continue to maintain the most backwards of ideas that abortion is actually benefitial to women, while reality says otherwise. If anyone out there knows of someone who is considering abortion or if you are someone who is considering abortion, or maybe you have already had one and need help dealing with your "choice", is a place that may be able to help. There is a plethora of resources and it is completely confidential.

Are there any pro-abortion (anti-life) people out there? How do you reconcile with yourself the guilt of agreeing with murdering the innocent?

Now, on a lighter note: Hillary Clinton Plantation Speech Hilarious!
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Friday, January 13, 2006

Jesse Jackson Is Up To His Old Tricks....

Jackson, who helped make Martin Luther King Day a holiday, released a new study showing that five of the 20 states -- New Jersey, Mississippi, Ohio, South Carolina and Tennessee -- with the highest black populations had failed to hire any minority fund managers.
My question is, how many black firms are there in these states regardless of the population? I mean, personally, I don't really know very many black financial planners or money managers myself. How does he know that there are enough black owned firms to handle the business? Notice that the so called "study" did not note such findings, only the large population of blacks and the fact that there aren't any black firms hired by those states.

I am sure that once he gets more governors on board he will magically have a predetermined list of firms for them to choose from to hire. I must admit, the man is being evil.

Lets hope the governors and officials of these states don't fall for his antics this time.

Friday, January 06, 2006

Lou Rawls, Dies At 72....

Another sad day indeed, soul singer extraordanaire Lou Rawls has died of lung cancer, he was 72 years old. He passed away in Los Angeles, Ca. All I can say is wow. Sometimes you forget that these "celebrities", even your favorite ones are still human and so it is still quite surprising when you hear that they've died. It also reminds me of my own mortality. I remember my parents listening to him, especially my mom, it seemed like every weekend.

I'll always remember his yearly telethons and of course the United Negro College Fund of which he is quite well known for.

I didn't know him personally so I hope he found the Lord prior to his passing.