Saturday, December 03, 2005

Answers In Genesis Quote of the Week...

I got a kick out of this weeks quote of the week from AIG:

Quote of the Week

“Human evolution, of course, is responsible for our very long period of childhood, during much of which we are almost completely dependent on our parents. As Ashley Montagu first pointed out decades ago, evolution encouraged the development of larger and larger human brains, but our origins in the primate family placed a limit on the ability of the birth canal to accommodate babies with ever-larger heads. NatureÂ’s solution was to encourage an extremely long period of dependence on the nurturing parent during infancy and childhood, allowing both mind and body to continue developing in an almost gestational way long after birth.”

– Al Gore, Earth in the Balance, p. 229.

Is it me or is this the ridiculous comment ever made regarding evolution? And what is "Nature's Solution" anyway? How did 'nature' decide that this would be the best way for babies to develop? Why didn't nature simply make the birth canal larger? I mean, wouldn't it make more sense to allow for larger more developed brains earlier on rather than settle for smaller brains that have to develop over a long period of time? Amazing!

And to think this man used to be our vice-president, not only that but ran for president of the United States as well! Whew!! Boy did we dodge a big one there.


Michael_the_Archangel said...

The truly amazing thing is that if his statements and line of logic were true, if in fact "macro-evolution" existed, then indeed we should have "evolved" to a point where the birth channel did accomadate a larger skull. In fact, we should have evolved well past our "close links to the primates" and have become something so different that tracing our roots back would be almost impossible. So despite the fact that we haven't/didn't "evolve" to have larger birth channels and/or change into a different "species" - let the facts not stand in the way of theory, evolution MUST be true because the secularists hate the other explanation. In fact, if evolution WERE true, then shouldn't we have evolved to a place where the democrats didn't exist anymore? Just my Christmas thought for you.

Jerry McClellan said...

LOL, Very good! ...And a Merry Christmas to you!