Wednesday, November 30, 2005


The Rev. Jesse Lee Peterson of BOND (Brotherhood Organization of a New Destiny) has launched a campaign this Christmas season called ' "“Merry Christmas!"” Not "“Happy Kwanzaa!"” Campaign' to combat the misinformation being spread around out there about Kwanzaa. The main purpose is to raise awareness among fellow Americans of the truth behind Kwanzaa and discourage its acceptance into the mainstream while encouraging the further celebration of Christmas.

I for one am grateful for such an endeavor. I think the first place this needs to start is in the church, especially the Black church where many have come to accept Kwanzaa as part of their normal worship services. Amazing! You know it is amazing when on one hand you have a holiday started by a crazed, radical socialist who was sent to prison for torchering two women and on the other hand a holiday inspired by the single most prolific person in history, who gave His own life that we may all live. Yet, many Blacks still choose to worship at the alter of ignorance and give credence to the former more so than the latter.

It boggles the mind!

As Mr. Peterson points out on the BOND website, Blacks have been scammed all throughout history by blacks and whites alike, but within the last 30 years many of these scams have come from the Black leadership and Kwanzaa is one of the biggest. Black people are falling for it hook, line sinker!

So what does Mr. Peterson suggest people do to combat this false indoctrination of Kwanzaa and help to encourage the celebration of Christmas more? Three things...
  1. Write letters and e-mails to the corporations and stores asking them to say "“Merry Christmas!"” Not "“Happy Kwanzaa!"” Click here for a sample letter.
  2. Stop wishing Black people "“Happy Kwanzaa!" Instead wish them "“Merry Christmas!"”
  3. Help Support BOND. Help them(BOND) counter the attack on Christmas and get the truth out about Kwanzaa! Click here to donate.
While I believe this campaign is a good idea I disagree with one point made on the website regarding Black people hearing the truth about Kwanzaa. Mr. Peterson notes that if Blacks new the truth about the origins of this holiday that they would abandon it, I don't believe that would happen at all. I think many blacks would simply dismiss any rejection of the Kwanzaa holiday as racist. It would be almost a knee-jerk reaction to any contention raised as is the case with most "Black" issues today. So I applaud BOND's efforts in raising awareness of the ills of Kwanzaa but due to the enourmous power of Black Group Think, I don't have as much faith in the ability of the Black community to change their minds towards Christmas rather than Kwanzaa as Mr. Peterson seems to have.