Sunday, October 16, 2005

The Presidents Tax Reform Panel...a waste of tax payer funds

Neal Boortz is right on in his assessment of the President's Tax Reform Panel, it needs to be terminated, wiped clean and started anew with fresh minds and ideas!

I was just watching the C-Span feed of their last meeting on this past Tuesday, I was quite hopeful at the onset when I first flipped to the channel. I thought, its about time something was actually done about this ridiculous tax system. Then, as I listened, and listened, and listened to more and more and more of the same old excuses and rhetoric regarding government growth, preserving government programs, etc. I began to lose that zeal for this committee. Then what really got my goad was the discussion regarding adding another tax structure to the existing two that we already have, making our system of taxation even more cumbersome! The fact that it was even an option on the table is appalling in itself! Then they had the audacity to discuss tax policies of other foreign nations like Canada and the U.K.! What the heck are these people smokin? I wonder if this panel has even seriously researched alternative tax policies that may run counter to what we already have in place?

I think Mr. Boortz hones in on the real motives of this panel when he cites:
"The ability to manipulate tax laws so as to buy votes and reward large campaign contributors is not something we should not expect politicians to abandon without a fight."
So, probably a bad idea appointing politicos to a panel that is charged to seek out ways of eliminating one of the very things that continue to give them unfair and misused power.

This is the crux of the matter, there has to be people appointed that truly want change and not business as usual politics. They must be men and women who understand that true wealth is generated not by over taxation of individuals but by encouraging and allowing individuals to accumulate wealth without being punished for doing so. This new panel should include more citizens, business owners, policy experts and maybe, maybe a politician or two.

I agree with Mr. Boortz, dissolve this committee and put real, independent minded, honest Americans on it next time.

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