Saturday, October 01, 2005

No one is looking out for us.....

Our leaders in government and the courts in particular are not looking out for the well being of the citizens of this country at all. Case in point just the other day I read that federal judge Alvin Hellerstein ordered the government to release more pictures of the Abu Ghraib abuse. In spite of the fact that the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, told this idiot judge during proceedings that the pictures would put our soldiers fighting over seas and maybe even right here in even more danger from terrorists! Not to mention, the chairman also mentioned that there is nothing new to be revealed in the photos anyway. Just more of the same that we've all seen before. Yet this judge ruled to release the picts under the guise that the American people have a right to know under the freedom of information act. This even though it is of an absolute certainty that if such information is released violence against our troops and civilians will most certainly ensue as was evident from the Newsweek Quoran debacle. What is worse is that there has been no outcry from anyone in the white house nor the pentagon regarding such a bone-headed ruling.

Now read the following and see just how screwed up our court system really is, Mark Tapscott over at writes about a recent decision by the courts to NOT release certain information regarding illegal (undocumented for you PC folks) convicted criminals. Apparently some journalists began to see a pattern with some of these criminals in that they were both illegal and many were guilty of violent crimes yet were released into society after time served rather than being deported as Federal law requires. In addition, it begs the question of whether any of these illegals are potential terrorists in waiting. So under the freedom of information act these journalists decided to investigate and have the files of these illegals released to the public citing that the American people have a right to know if the Federal government is doing its job of enforcing our laws. Well, guess what? The judge presiding over this case ruled that the right to privacy of the illegal convicts outweighed the need of the public to know whether or not our government is doing its job! Amazing!

The irony here is hard to miss and it becomes apparent that our government is screwed up beyond belief given that the judge in the illegal alien case was appointed by the current administration! Utter and complete chaos indeed. The decisions made in both scenarios defies logic and common sense! One can only hope that both of these decisions will be overturned upon appeal. It is almost as if these people want to put our national sovereignty in jeopardy, as if they want innocent Americans to suffer at the hands of terrorists. One can only wonder.

RELATED: Michael the ArchAngel blogs about another court ruling in Oregon regarding strip clubs, prostitution and "free expression", he poses some intriguing questions.
I live in Chatsworth California and over time I've come to find out that this city is considered the porn capital of the U.S., maybe even the world. Yet, driving down the street you wouldn't know it right off. Took me a couple of years through freelancing as a Graphic Designer to realize an unusual amount of video/dvd transfer companies, design companies who "specialize" in dvd menus for porn movies and print shops who print quite a bit of adult dvd wraps. For a couple of shops I 've found out that adult entertainment is about 90% of their business! Sad indeed.

As an aside, As a freelance Graphic Designer I always refuse to work on porn related material, period. I've lost out on quite a few job offers where after coming in for an interview I see that particular company does a great deal of porn. I always ask if I will be expected to work on porn related material and it is always yes. So I turn the project/job down. Some job leads don't always specify if you will be working on porn material, I've come to find that the ones who need dvd authoring, menu creation/design, or a great deal of photo retouching are the porn oriented graphic firms. I have come to simply ignore those.


Michael_the_Archangel said...

Actually my friend, there is one person who IS looking out for us, and I truly believe in him - Bill O'Reilly. I trust him and what he's about.

Jerry McClellan said...

You are right Michael. I was incredibly appreciative of his outrage after I found out. I really believe he put it into the right perspective.

I wonder if he is aware of the other ruling involving illegals? I believe a couple of talking points ago he hit the nail on the head when he posed the question, where are our leaders? Where are they indeed.