Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Multi-Culturalism equals Moral Relativism

What was Yahoo! thinking when the company decided to cooperate with the Chinese government in digitally tracing the whereabouts of a Chinese citizen who attempted to send a message to the "outside world" regarding the communistic conditions in his country? Thanks to Yahoo this person, Shi Tao, will probably spend at least 10 years of his life in prison!

What was Yahoo's response as to why they cooperated? Their stance is that they must obey local laws and customs of a host country. No matter what those laws and customs are, regardless of the consequences.

Since Multiculturalism dictates that all cultures are equal in value, this type of reasoning makes perfect sense. Not to mention this is a clear example of corporate greed run amok, using Multiculturalism as the framework to justify such actions, moral relativism. Microsoft has been accused of such treachery as well. Listen to what one of their reps was quoted by the BBC News saying in defense of their policy of cooperation with a communist government:
"Microsoft works to bring our technology to people around the world to help them realise their full potential," said a Microsoft spokesperson."
How backwards, this guy completely contradicts himself, how can Microsoft be for developing a people's "full potential" and at the same time assist in squelching the very freedoms that would allow said potential to develop? I guess greed makes you confused.

(hat tip: Paul Jacob)

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