Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Fire At My Gates...

I can see the fires on the hills of Chatsworth headed south westward from my balcony. I've never seen the fires get so close before. I pray it doesn't get any worse, the winds are still quite strong and not helping at all. If you haven't been watching the news or just don't live out here in Southern California, there are a series of fires taking place tonight, one of which are in Chatsworth (San Fernando Valley Area).

With the recent events in Louisiana and Texas and now with the fires going on right here practically in my back yard, I've been looking into developing a better survival plan for myself and kids. Right now we have your basic safety plan for fire or earthquake, all of the emergency numbers and where to go and who to call in case of....But after hearing about what happened in New Orleans with the lawlessness that broke out among the people, I am convinced now more than ever that I need to prepare myself to protect my children from those that would seek to harm me or them for whatever reason. I've thought about what I would do if...You fill in the blank and for the most part it never ends with me shaking hands with the other guy.

So as a result of this "new found" concern for the safety and well being of my children I am shopping around for a gun to use for protection. Nothing fancy just something that I can learn quickly, relatively light and easy to use without sacrificing safety. In addition as of this week I have begun stock piling on foods and basic supplies, i.e. first aid stuff, matches, extra water and the like.

I guess what I've realized is that in spite of all of the multi-culti mumbo jumbo that is constantly spewed out via the MSM and all, people are still people, sinful and capable of great atrocities. Especially now, for the most part, many people are only constrained by the threat of retaliation from law enforcement. As New Orleans demonstrated to the world a very ominous question, what happens when law enforcement has deteriorated? What happens when said law enforcement completely abandons the rule of law for themselves and join in the chaos? Or worse yet, completely abandon their posts and therefore the people? How are we as citizens to protect ourselves if we rely solely on government instituted law enforcement officers to do it for us?

I for one do not want to find out the hard way, and as I was looking on the internet for information regarding gun laws I decided to drop in on the new website and lo and behold Professor Mike Adams has written an article, responding to a readers inquiry, recommending several guns for beginners who wish to "expand their horizons" so to speak. into the world of firearms. Now I have a place to begin!

I'll keep you posted as to my progress in finding a firearm.

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