Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Calling All Abortion-Supporting Liberals and Homosexuals!

Lashawn Barber of Lashawn Barber's corner has posed some questions for those of you out there who profess the many attributes of choice for all, in particular those of the homosexual persuasion and supporters thereof. In regards to abortion and particularly the parents ability to literally choose not only the sex of their potential child but to "screen" it for any potential disfunctions, deseases or deformities. In light of this possibility she asks:

If a significant number of women begin choosing to abort their babies because doctors discovered a “gay gene,” would your stance on the “right to choose” change or shift in any way? Would the number of women killing these “defective” babies make a difference? Is one potentially gay dead baby one too many?

Interesting questions. I feel though that the answers would be even more fascinating.


LB said...

Jerry, you and your old school trackback! You simply must get Haloscan.

I did the trackback for you manually through Simpletacks:


Thanks for the link!

Jerry McClellan said...

Thanks Miss Barber! I am not yet savvy with the track backing feature. I just don't blog often enough. My goal is to make more time for writing and blogging, I plan to transfer to a personal website soon.

Thanks again!

Curt said...

I answer her questions here.

Michael_the_Archangel said...

I read Curt's "response" and found it SORELY lacking. It was basically his overly, liberal imagination setting her up in his imagination and then slapping that image down. The fact that other liberals also thought his "response" was accurate showed just how shallow liberals really are. I was about to respond to his dribble but found I had to "sign up" - yeah, yeah, lots of extra crap just to show him that he's full of crap. However, I'm sure that Curt's arm is now in a cast caused by his extreme patting on his own back.

Jerry McClellan said...

I did as well Michael. Yes, it was incredibly lacking in sound reasoning and I too attempted to respond and decided it would be pointless. This guy sounds so arrogant, hard-headed and self absorbed, a jack hammer couldn't get through to him.

His response was just this emotional diatribe of flawed reasoning, misguided insenuation about what so called Christians believe and personal insults to her integrity. Amazing!

Did you see this little gem... "(Great Rebuttal to a rightwing question. I would also note the Ms. Barber -- like our President -- is a dry-drunk: someone who attempts to deal with their alcoholism without a 12-step or medical methods. In short, she has opted for a method that masks the problems instead of dealing with the root cause. This often leads to the alcoholic tendencies manifesting themselves in different ways that are still as destructive. - promoted by Bonddad)"

A "dry drunk"? What kind of statement is that!? Then how backwards is such a statement as to say that she is "masking" her problems and not getting at the root cause by not using "medical methods:"? How dimwitted are these people!!??

Like I said, a jack-hammer. This guy is thick.

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