Tuesday, June 07, 2005


Hypothetical questions...just something to think about.

Question one: You are walking down the street and happen to pass by a home, looks decent enough, simi-clean and nice yard. All of a sudden you hear horrible screaming from inside, what do you do!

Question two: You are at a friends home, this friend has a small child (maybe 2 or 3yrs). You are chatting it up, laughing, having a good ol'time. You settle down a bit in the living room with your friend and notice the little one wandering into the kitchen where there is a hot stove on, what do you do?

Question three: Once again you are out and about in your neighborhood, maybe on a job or just a brisk walk around the block and you happen to pass some neighbors walking together, a woman, and a man and another woman in a wheelchair. The man is pushing the woman in the wheelchair, while the first woman walks behind. The wheel-chair-bound woman appears to be paralyzed, at least from the waist down and looks to have down syndrome. She comes off as non responsive. As they are passing by you, you witness the man pushing the wheel-chair firmly slap the paralyzed woman in the head, once, then twice, then a third time, laughing afterwards....what do you do if anything at all?

Last Question: You somehow find yourself standing in an abortion clinic, not just in the lobby or one of the waiting rooms but right in the operating room and lo and behold, a young pregnant woman is escorted in, she is maybe 7 or 8 months, placed on the operating table and is prepped for "surgery". The expecting, reluctant mother asks the nurse if the "it" will feel any pain, the nurse responds with confident "no" answer. Then the nurse assures her that the procedure won't take long and she will be up and about in no time at all, then walks out. A few minutes later the doctor walks in, scrubbed up...? and gets ready to start the procedure...the question to you is...well of course, what do you do if anything at all?

For all of you BDP or Public Enemy fans out there, remember the phrase "stop the violence" back in the '80's? Well, think about that when you read this link. Just something to think about.

If would you like to answer feel free to post.

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