Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Reverse Racism?

“I approached the registration table and was greeted by a very friendly fellow who looked me in the eye and said, ‘Are you black?’” said Parnell. “I told him that I'm not and he told me that the conference was only for people who were black and so I wasn't able to register to attend the conference.”
Such is the report by Brian Parnell a social worker from Bakersfield California, as reported by KGET.com, he attempted to attend a conference held by the National Association of Black Social Workers but was rejected due to his color. Amazing! So much for progress. Black people are trifling! Imagine if this were in the reverse and a black man, or better yet, a black woman tried to get into an all white conference and was told she couldn't because she was black or because she was a female? All hell would break loose and you know it. It would be front page news and she would be on Oprah in a heart beat!

Personally, I could care less if this man was excluded due to his skin color. I really don't believe any private entity should be forced to include anyone, they have the right to exclude whomever for whatever reasons. What makes this a big deal is that the National Association of Black Social Workers is a non-profit organization and therefore they could lose their tax-exempt status.

Ultimately, it doesn't matter, I doubt if he would have learned anything productive that would actually assist him in his job. Most likely this conference was filled with a lot of pandering and ego stroking of the so called accomplishments of black social workers in the "community". If he really wants to learn about how to deal with blacks read up on Tomos Sowell, Walter Williams, and definately check out Rev. Jesse Lee Peterson at bondinfo.org. I gaurantee he will be far more effective as a social worker having garnered info from these individuals than from this black social workers conference.


Solomon Mason said...

No way am I EVER going to listen to the Rev. Jesse Lee Peterson. The man is disgusting. He runs with this "black sounding names" crap to stick it to black people. But I guess Raj, Akbar, Peyush, Shreehari, etc are just fine since they are global. Screw Jesse Lee Peterson!

As far reverse racism, no such thing. Racism is discrimination + power. They discriminated and maybe some of them were bigots, but not racists. And I believe that to my soul. Just like most white people aren't racists cause they lack the power to harm another race by their views.

Jerry McClellan said...

Thats why I like you Soloman, you give it to me straight, pull no punches! I love it.

I agree with you about reverse racism. That was kind of my point, I don't believe this guy was wronged for one simple reason, the blacks at the conference had every right to reject whomever they wanted. Just like whites have the right to exclude blacks in certain facets of society. What I don't like to see is when blacks get upset at whites when they are excluded from so called "white establishments". For the most part, blacks and any group for that matter would be more than welcome if they were to bring something productive to the table. This is how so many more blacks have been able to succeed, not by "selling out" but by doing right and bringing the green with them.

You have to admit though, if this were reversed and it was an all white conference and a black counselor tried to get in and was rejected, all hell would break loose. Hypocrisy at its best.

As far as Jesse Lee Peterson is concerned, I don't agree with everything he says yet I give him props for telling the truth, straight up to the black community. The black name thing doesn't realy concern me, I get his point, why name your American born child an "Afro-centric" name? Doing this only serves to perpetuate the disenfranchised thinking prevelant among many blacks from mainstream American values. It is similar to Mexicans emmigrating to the U.S., whether illegally or legally, and not making any real effort to assimilate into the overall mainstream culture by not learning the English language.

Solomon Mason said...

Straight with no chaser, pal! LOL!

Well, if any black person perpetuates disenfranchisement thinking because of their "black sounding" name, I have a 9mm with a customized bullet waiting for them. Believe that.

Oh yeah. All hell would break loose if this situation was reversed. It's all have to do with the history between black and white in America. And it is a double standard in the truest sense. But you know how it is Jerry. You are no more of a slave master than I am a slave. But history's a bitch. We have black folks that can't "get over it" just like we have white folks that "can't get over it". People get pissed off, depressed, whatever and they start to blame. And race is easy to blame on both sides. It all just sucks, man.

Anonymous said...

We aought to create the white peoples groups and see what happens. Now that Whites are known to eventually become a minority, and also dut to the fact that white people are already a mionority in some areas.

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