Friday, May 13, 2005

More on Tithing and the church

The Messy Christian has a wonderful and thought provoking post about mega-churches and the monies spent on these massive buildings. I think it relates quite well to what I am addressing here regarding tithing. For many of these church facilities, they were well financed by the hard earned tithes of the congregation. Yet, is this what tithes were meant for? Does having a large building that can house hundreds, maybe even thousands of people help to advance the Gospel? A point that Messy mentioned really stuck in my mind, she said
"The problem is the way we do church: 'the world coming to the church' rather than 'the church going to the world'. Thus, the need to have a centre to do ministry becomes urgent, and thus the focus on buildings."

That hits the nail on the head doesn't it. I mean, what did Jesus command before he ascended? To go out into the world right? Are we fulfilling this command when we build mega churches to house congregants? Are there any churches out there that recruit, train, and send out congregants into the world to spread the Gospel? Wouldn't such a method be closer to what Jesus commanded?

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