Tuesday, May 31, 2005


By way of Lashawn Barber I came across a column written by a Jon Qwelane from www.news24.com. Take a gander at it and you will see that America is really evil and deserved 9/11. Not only that but the incidents at Abu Graib and GITMO were atrocities and barbaric in nature. Although, as far as GITMO is concerned, nothing has proven to be true.

Needles to say I found Mr. Qwelane's column is extremely misguided and totally disregards reality. While he mentions Abu Graib and GITMO, detainees who are prisoners of war, enemy combatants captured doing acts of war, he fails to acknowledge that Al Queda and other Muslim extremists groups have beheaded numerous individuals who for the most part were civilians and not part of any military group, remember Nick Berg? Not to mention the scores of Iraqis murdered in cold blood by terrorists bombers. Yet, no outrage is shared by the likes of this person, just blatant, misguided, and ignorant diatribes about how evil America is, even having the audacity to refer to Abu Graib as "barbaric torture"! Amazing! But beheading innocent civilians is fighting for justice right? I don't see anyone here in America packing their bags to move anywhere else? But I do see scores of individuals from all countries and walks of life trampling their way into this country. Why? So that they can become victims of a racist, evil Conservative regime? I think not.

At the beginning of the column Mr. Qwelane asks what does America have against Muslims, but this is the wrong question. For truly it should be what do Muslims extremists have against the West? Mr. Qwelane, I strongly advise you to get a clue.

As Miss Barber points out, Osama has lots of "friends".

On a similar note, Evan Sayet writes about why Democrats supported Clinton when he went to war in Bosnia but not President Bush when going into Iraq. As usual he makes a very strong case for why Democrats come off as hypocritical idiots more often than not. He writes:
All of these efforts were, of course, disingenuous. Clearly if the Democrats truly believed it was "wrong" to remove the leader of a sovereign nation they would have been marching in the streets screaming "No Blood For Sex" when the previous president launched wars against Bosnia and Kosovo removing from power the sovereign leader Slobodan Milosevic.
Excellent point here. I wonder if other so called "average" Americans see the inconsistency here? It seems that every liberal "friend" or family member I know believes President Bush to be wrong but have amnesia when it comes to Clinton and his escapades in the oval office. Speaking to them, you would have to believe that all of societies ills are due to the evil Bush administration and his non-stop pandering to corporate interest, mostly oil of course. Amazing!

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