Friday, May 06, 2005


Only someone incredibly ignorant, dishonest, or down right evil would continue to insist that abortion is not the murder of an innocent human life.

I pity such a person.

Check this out and prepare yourself for outrage!


Solomon said...

You know Jerry, I'm a reluctant pro-choicer. Very reluctant. And the more time goes by, I'm leaning more pro-life. BUT I want us to have a better foster system to take care of unwanted children. I don't want to be "pro-lifer for the unborn" only.

Jerry McClellan said...

I feel you on that one Solomon, yet, lets consider some points.

First, there is nothing wrong with being pro-choice. I am pro-choice also, yet, such language is misleading and in many cases people use it in a dissingenuous mannner, i.e. pro-choice = pro-abortion but not pro-school vouchers which gives parents REAL choice or privatizing Social Security which would give citizens REAL choice over their own money. Talk to a "pro-choicer" and ask them if they support such initiatives that give REAL choice, or even ask yourself that question. I will never fanthom how we've arrived at the popular notion that abortion is about the woman's right to choose to kill her own baby. Do I have a right to kill my own child AFTER it is born(partial birth abortion)? What about my spouse? Or my neighbor?

Second, I agree that our foster system is screwed up big time! I was married to a woman who was a product of our beloved L.A. foster care and child services system. A ward of the state her whole life basically and I went through hell and back with her behavior. (long story) Bottom line, too much government and not enough of accountability from parents, teachers, the church(the black church in particular), and ultimately self. Yet, should she have been aborted to avoid such a hard life? Keep in mind that this same woman gave me two beautiful, strapping boys whom we love dearly. No matter what we've gone through, neither one of us would regret having them, they are truly gifts from above.

The crux of the matter is this; science supports the facts that a baby is a baby from conception. The only thing that keeps people able to accept abortion is one, it being out of sight therefore out of mind, many people either haven't had to deal with it on a personal level or if they have, it was done in such an innocuous fashion that the actual act itself isn't appreciated for what it really is. And two, the misuse of language and misleading info stemming from the left in relation to abortion, i.e. your concern about the "unwanted child" being put into the system. Such a notion neglects the obvious, isn't being alive and unwanted better than beind dead and wanted or dead and unwanted for that matter?

Personally, I don't believe there is a such thing as an unwanted child, such a term is an oxymoron. Children are gifts from above plain and simple. What clear thinking person can look at a child in need and not give help to it? The relationship between parents and children is a direct reflection of God's relationship with us all, this is the mystery of marriage and family. A lack of understanding of this fact is why abortion continues to flourish.

Solomon said...

And I'm "science nut" so I believe totally that a baby is a baby from conception. You bring up some excellent points. I think my main concern is that we aren't going to be a bunch of hypocrites. If bad/irresponsible/immoral/stupid people are going to have children and not want to raise them, we should be very serious about taking care of that child. Children are not valued enough in our society. Many folks talk a good game but it's just talk. Unlike some people, seeing a Gerber baby food commercial with a smiling baby in it doesn't satisfy my concern for children.

Jerry McClellan said...

...and why not encourage a spirit of A) Accountability on the part of those irresponsible people and B) work towards creating an atmosphere of preserving the life of the child for adoption and C) Encourage and/or offer incentives for people to adopt these children and make it easier (read more affordable) to adopt them at that, rather than the opton now, simply aborting the child?
Abortion is about two things only, money and elitism.
It is now and always has been about making money and about systematically "filtering out" the less desirables in society, specifically the poor.

It is a common fact that babies are far easier to adopt and get adopted quicker and more often than older children. So being worried that a new born baby (no matter the color/race) may not be adopted is really unwarrented. The real issue with adoption is getting older children adopted into good families quicker, many of whom are products of broken, dysfunctional families. What usually hinders these children from being adopted is beurocracy. Therefore many potential parents go over-seas to adopt rather than face the U.S. adoption system, it is just far easier and quicker to do so. This becomes a major road block for U.S. children who are waiting to get adopted.

You see, this is the real issue, there truly is no "real" need for abortion. Given the extreme advances in medical technology, a mother or even the childs life being in such imminent danger as to warrant an abortion is incredibly rare and avoidable.