Monday, May 16, 2005

10 million to study racism???? Utter Stupidity.

By way of Lashawn Barber, Hubes Cube blogs about an effort taking place by several Penn State students to raise $10 million dollars to research American White racism. Apparently they didn't get the memo about how we already know that there are racist whites in this country and probably always will be. Not only that but there are actually racists blacks, hispanics, and Asians as well. (Gasp!)

From the article:

The group's co-founders, Chad Lassiter and Darin Toliver, who both grew up
in Philadelphia, and received their master's degrees from Penn, say that as
black men they feel constant pressure to prove themselves at the West
Philadelphia campus and beyond as something other than uneducated thugs.

Personally, I fail to see the dilemma here. What is so bad about having pressure to prove ones' self? Isn't this what many others, especially high achievers, whether black, white or otherwise, go through? Isn't the pressure to prove yourself to your peers and superiors one of the things that drives great men to do great things? I mean , come on now, it is apparent that this racism they speak of isn't very affective given that they are where they are now. Hubes Cube points out that maybe this pressure is due to affirmative action preferences given to blacks which cuases a sense of insecurity for those receiving it, doubt and suspicion of one's abilities on from peers and others who didn't receive these preferences. I tend to agree with this as well.

Something tells me that they will get their $10 million with relative ease given the current PC, Multi-Culti climate that exists today. Sad indeed. When will blacks wake up and grow up? The rest of the article talks of there intended efforts in mentoring kids (heaven help them) and focusing on American White racism because it is contstantly "glossed" over and never really studied. I guess all of those Pan-African, African-American, and Afro-American studies classes in colleges across the nation are still missing the mark. Amazing!


Solomon Mason said...

WELL! Many of us have "woken up and grew up". That's not the point. The point is there is no reason to intensely study American White racism. White fellas like Dr. Andrew Hacker and black folks such as Dr. Robert DeCoy and Harold Cruse have done it. I think this more about the collegiate "researching for the sake of researching". Waste of $$$.

Jerry McClellan said...

I agree, research for the sake of research itself with no real goal in mind. I wonder, after they have studied racism among whites ofcourse, and they find that there are actually white people in this world who for the most part, don't even think that much about blacks or any minorities but are merely concerned about raising their children right and working hard to acheive the American dream, will they present an honest assessment of their results or will it be scewed in such a way that he merely substantiates their presupposed notions?

Another concern for me is why is it focused on white racism as opposed to racism in general? If racism is the cause of many black folks problems I would contend that this racsim stems from blacks themselves rather than externally.