Monday, April 18, 2005


Are the men who are a part of the Minutemen project vigilantes? I say yes, they are.

vig·i·lan·te Audio pronunciation of "vigilante" ( P ) Pronunciation Key (vj-lnt)
  1. One who takes or advocates the taking of law enforcement into one's own hands.
  2. A member of a vigilance committee.
[Spanish, watchman, vigilante, from Latin vigilns, vigilant- present participle of vigilre, to be watchful, from vigil, watchful. See weg- in Indo-European Roots.]
vigi·lantism (-lntz-m) or vigi·lante·ism (-t-zm) n.

Acording to this definition, they are just that and more. I thank God that we still have such men among us who are willing to stand up and do what is necessary to protect our great nation. I think though, that the vigilante tag has received a bad rap. These men are on 20 plus miles of the most highly trafficked and dangerous part of the border, monitoring and reporting any illegal activity to the border patrol. They are not only taking the law into their own hands but they are being responsible with it by assisting the existing authorities. What is wrong with that?

I encourage the Minutemen to embrace the vigilante tag that was so unwittingly yet rightfully applied to them by our dear president for it is a badge of honor. These men set a great example to the rest of us that we should all be vigilantes in the same way if we truly value our freedoms.

"Eternal vigilance is the price of liberty."

-- Wendell Phillips,


Jim Price said...

I agree with your definition of vigilante, but not with the common definition that most people would think of.

Besides, taking the law into one's own hand is rhetorical- it's our law in the first place, since we decided on a government " the people, for the people".

I live in Arizona, and am happy to see that their project has been a great success. I hope the government can learn a lesson from the public sector here.

Jerry McClellan said...

Precisely my point Jim, the law belongs to all who will obey and uphold it, therefore we should all be vigilante's. The term is misused today, much like many other terms such as "liberal" and "feminist".

The presidents comment was so wrong-headed, yet right on, its almost funny...almost.