Wednesday, April 27, 2005

The Patients Are Running The Assylum...

I use this title in reference to a couple of major incidents that has occured recently yet one is getting constant media attention while the other barely gets noticed. The first one is regarding the little 5 year old girl being handcuffed by police. I am sure you have heard of it. Lashawn Barber, Nykola, and Baldilocks all have good commentary on this incident if you want further info. The second is regarding a situation where 30+ teens violently attacked some Catholic school girls over the use of a basketball court, some details at Lashawn Barber's Corner about this one as well.

What is interesting is the fact that both cases involve unruly children, specifically unruly black children. Both should be proof positive of how screwed up the black community is especially in the area of parenting. What in God's name is going on when you have dozens of black GIRLS beating up on some white girls because they wouldn't let them use the basketball court? Whats even worse is that the violence was racially motivated as these hooligans were shouting such terms as "black power" and "Martin Luther King", which makes absolutely no sense! It boggles the mind when I hear of such things yet it also demonstrates why people, especially many of our black women are so angry and screwed up. Case one, a black 5 year old little girl being raised by a single black women gets hand-cuffed because of her out of control behavior, apparently no Father around, yet the media paints the picture as if the school is somehow in the wrong for restraining this out of control child! Case two, 30+/- black teens gathered as a mob to beat up on a few white girls, lack of moral character comes to mind here, yet no Al Sharpton or Jesse Jackson to step in and speak up for the rights of these white girls being victims of a hate crime.
I wouldn't be surprised at all if it were brought to light that the mob of girls were all raised by single Mothers. It would actually make perfect sense.

Black people need to wake up, black men need to step up, and we all need to get back to what is right. That is found in God's word.

He who spares the rod hates his son, but he who loves him is careful to discipline him.
Proverbs 13:24

Notice the the reference is to a "he" and not a "she". Men need to stop abandoning their women and children. The black man especially needs to stand and be counted, start raising their children in the way that God has established. Women cannot do it by themselves and never could. Whenever there is deviance from God's order kaos is soon to follow, these two incidents in particular are a case in point.

Monday, April 18, 2005


Are the men who are a part of the Minutemen project vigilantes? I say yes, they are.

vig·i·lan·te Audio pronunciation of "vigilante" ( P ) Pronunciation Key (vj-lnt)
  1. One who takes or advocates the taking of law enforcement into one's own hands.
  2. A member of a vigilance committee.
[Spanish, watchman, vigilante, from Latin vigilns, vigilant- present participle of vigilre, to be watchful, from vigil, watchful. See weg- in Indo-European Roots.]
vigi·lantism (-lntz-m) or vigi·lante·ism (-t-zm) n.

Acording to this definition, they are just that and more. I thank God that we still have such men among us who are willing to stand up and do what is necessary to protect our great nation. I think though, that the vigilante tag has received a bad rap. These men are on 20 plus miles of the most highly trafficked and dangerous part of the border, monitoring and reporting any illegal activity to the border patrol. They are not only taking the law into their own hands but they are being responsible with it by assisting the existing authorities. What is wrong with that?

I encourage the Minutemen to embrace the vigilante tag that was so unwittingly yet rightfully applied to them by our dear president for it is a badge of honor. These men set a great example to the rest of us that we should all be vigilantes in the same way if we truly value our freedoms.

"Eternal vigilance is the price of liberty."

-- Wendell Phillips,

Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Christian Socialism

Star Parker writes about the Pope today commenting about an encyclical he wrote called "Centesimus Annus." In it the Pope raises some very key and powerful points about government, Socialism, and the welfare-state. Mrs. Parker, in reference to this encyclical, cites that Americans, specifically Black Americans, need to take heed of what the Pope had to say regarding these key issues, especially in regards to the notion of individual freedom and the role of government in our everyday lives. One point she brings up is the fact that while the black community in general, according to a Pew research pole done years ago, are for the most part the most religious of any group, their voting actions tend to contradict their faith. She notes:
I believe African-Americans mistakenly, and destructively, disconnect the way we express our religious convictions on Sunday and what we do in the voting booth on Tuesday. In church we express our conviction that our lives reflect and are the result of our faith, our choices and our responsibilities. Yet, we then buy a political message that government is the place to turn to solve our problems.
I tend to agree with this statement for some Christians where she says that there is a disconnect between religious convictions and politics. Yet, for the majority of blacks there isn't a real disconnect, if anything, I believe that a 90% support of the democratic platform coincides with what is actually be preached and taught in much of the black church today. If anything, what is being delivered to the people from the pulpit only perpetuates much of the ideology purveyed by the left such as the over emphasis by many preachers on material blessings from God rather than spiritual growth, stating that the kingdom of heaven is already here on earth, and the very popular name-it-to-claim-it mantra. Many preachers have been known to tout the idea of man being "little gods", intimating that we have the same attributes and abilities that God has and therefore should have all that He has as well. The focus ultimately is to get all you can from God now while here on earth, that God has nothing but material blessings for His "children". Such doctrine only serves to create a culture of entitlement among those who believe it and this in turn carries over into everyday life decisions. So rather than using scripture as a mirror to demonstrate our sinfulness in order to bring about true accountability, responsibility and ultimately repentance for ones actions, it is used by the preacher and encouraged to others as a tool for obtaining more from an already overly generous God who is apparently oh so ready to bless us with even more.

Keep in mind that at the very core of Socialism and Socialistic ideals is a notion of materialism, that through physical things rather than spiritual truth can one obtain happiness and contentedness. When all needs are met for all then all can be happy. This is exactly what is being taught in the black church today, that if you struggle with money and finances, then the answer is to give more money to the church and God will bless you with even more money in return. Little to no emphasis is given to the moral character of the person struggling with finances. That the answers to many of our problems is in whether or not we are living according to the will of God.

Give a little, get a lot is the order of the day, where the emphasis is constantly on what we can get from God rather than what we ought to be doing in service to Him and ultimately lends to the practice of putting government, the arbiters of money and power in this earth, in place of God or at the very least a conduit for doing "God's will" on earth. If we are constantly taught that we are entitled to live a certain way and that way is wealthy, where we are told that God has given all things to us, and that wealth is easily obtainable by way of the government then it becomes natural to not only rely on the government for sustenance but to expect it, even demand it as a right, a God-given right.

Monday, April 11, 2005

Culture of death continues...and other craziness

World Net Daily reports that a Granddaughter in LaGrange, Georgia, has decided to unplugg her grandmother's feeding tube, in spite of the fact that her grandmother is not terminally ill, in PVS (persistent vegetative state) or comotose! In addition, she is completely ignoring all requests by other close relatives, namely the brother of the grandmother and her nephew, who are willing to take her off of the granddaughter's hands. The granddaughter's rationale for unplugging the feeding and water tubes? According to the article she feels that "Grandmama is old and .. it is time she went home to Jesus,"... "She has glaucoma and now this heart problem, and who would want to live with disabilities like these?"

Gee, I don't know, maybe someone who actually wants to live? Apparently this women is completely ignoring the fact that her grandmother has left a will specifying under what circumstances to allow her death, none of which she is experiencing. For all intents and purposes, outside of the illness she is in the hospital for her aorta had a dissection and she suffers from glaucoma, she is perfectly fine. Amazing!

Want read more craziness? This article highlights an incident involving our beloved Homeland Security's own TSA (Transportation Security Administration), which is responsible for none other than airport security screening. I'll let you read it for yourself, but lets just say that I am not going to be flying anytime soon.

UPDATE: Alternaview blogs about the continuing culture of death as well, and check out the rest of his blog, apparently he is programming his own blog. Impressive stuff. Me likes!

Monday, April 04, 2005


Pope John Paul II passed away this past Saturday. I was at home playing games with my kids when the announcement came on the news. I can't say I was surprised, needless to say it was inevitable.

While his death is definitely a sad occasion, one thing I must ask, it is something that has weighed in my mind for quite some time. How significant was the Pope to this world in a spiritual sense? I mean, I know he has accomplished great things in the name of peace, as Chuck Colson points out, he is credited with furthering the cause of freedom from communism in Europe, namely his own home town in Poland. He has also been noted for his work in reconciling relationships between the Jewish community and Catholics as well as "unifying" other religions with that of Catholicism. Yet, I still ask, is all of this of God? Was the Pope doing the will of God or of man? Personally, whatever the Pope wrote or stated in the form of doctrine whether political or spiritual never made a difference to me and my convictions. I've never agreed with the notion of one man passing down doctrine to the people who is supposedly getting his instruction from God. If I want or need to know what God agrees with or not I can simply drop down and ask Him myself or open the good book and read for myself.

While I am sure this Pope has done many great things that appear to have advanced the cause of Christ, and for all I know he was one of the most devout of Christian men, I still believe it is dangerous to put so much emphasis on one man for spiritual guidance for it eventually leads to the deification of such a one. Relying on fallible man alone to communicate with God and for the interpretation of scripture is a dangerous thing. I guess my point is merely to be mindful of such things as we hold up such great men as Ronald Reagan, William Wilberforce or Pope John Paul II, in spite of accomplishing great things, being motivated by their convictions and routed in scripture, they were still fallible men. We can raise them up to honor them, but lets not put them above or on equal footing with our beloved Christ our Lord.

I hope I haven't offended any Catholics out there, that wasn't my intention. While I do have many problems with Catholicism on a whole, I do know that there are many practicing Catholics who are true men and women of God. I do believe Pope John Paul II was one of them.

Related topics:
David Limbaugh comments about the Bishop Gene Robinson, of whom I believe is a good example of relying too much on the whims of man rather than the authority of God. I blogged about Bishop Robinson a few months back, responding to a sermon that he gave on the topic of recognizing evil. This man is backwards in his thinking and will only serve to mislead many into the pit of hell in a hand basket filled with razor-blades and alcohol. Now he is somehow arguing that Jesus was gay because he hung around all men and wasn't married. Amazing! By such logic any man is gay if he hangs around his male friends and is un-married. Blatant stupidity! Of course it should be of no surprise, as I pointed out in my previous post on his sermon, this is a natural course, to use the word of God to justify your own sinfulness.

Solatude comments about the next Pope, saying that having a black Pope "would be nothing short of remarkable." I think it would definitely shake things up but I wouldn't hold my breath.