Friday, March 25, 2005

Unnatural Logic...

At the center of the Terry Schiavo case is the notion of dying, and that of dying naturally vs. unaturally. Michael Schiavo, Terry's husband, contends that she wanted to die naturally and would not want to be kept alive in the current condition she is in. Terry's parents contend that she would want to live and not die unaturally in this manner inspite of her condition. Many on the side of the parents echo the sentiment that all human life is sacred and precious, and therefore should not be ended just because of some type of handicap or terminal condition. Terry should be allowed to live out the remainder of her life receiving all of the medical, rehabilitative help possible to improve her conditon. This would be considered natural as opposed to Micheal Schiavo's preference.

I have to comment that the logic surrounding Michael Schiavo's decision to "honor" his wife's wishes through starvation seems shady at best. I mean, why starvation? What is the rationale behind starving this woman to death rather than utilizing the latest in technology, i.e., sometype of lethal injection or something that would actually allow this woman to die painlessly and quickly?

Apparently Mr. Schiavo's thinking is that starving to death is a natural way to die, but what clear thinking, honest person can actually agree that this notion is true? This logic seems flawed, for example, it is natural to be hungry therefore you eat, it is natural to be thirsty therefore you drink. In other words, when one of these natural urges falls upon us we respond likewise with some type of sustainance. It then can be considered natural to be hungry or thirsty, and as an extention, to desire to satisfy that thirst or hunger. One may contend though that Terry Schiavo cannot and/or does not have the ability to feed herself, she cannot provide sustainance for her body upon her own volition, therefore it would be natural for her to die of starvation. Yet, I would respond, with that type of reasoning then a mother can deny food and drink to her child when it is hungry, and if the child dies as a result then she can argue that the child simply died of natural causes and she wouldn't be accountable for that childs well being both morally or legally. Of course this is rediculous for the child naturally relies upon the mother to provide the necessary food and drink for its survival. The child relies on the mother, not only because it doesn't have the physical capabilities to do it itself, but also due to the lack of mental faculties to search out and acquire food for itself. The same can be said of Terry Schiavo, being in the state she is in, she doesn't have the faculties both physical and possibly mental to search out and acquire sustainance for herself on her own, therefore it is perfectly natural for her to rely on a feeding device available to assist her in maintaining her health.

This is as fundamental as it gets. Depriving Terry Schiavo of her feeding tube is not natural nor is it normal. Providing her certain applications of medicines, muscle relaxers, and lubricants to mask the affects of starvation and dehydration doesn't make it natural, it actually compounds the notion of murder even more so. Covering up the affects as to mask the guilt of those involved and somehow demonstrate for the sake of their own conscience that she isn't really suffering.

Euthanasia/Pro-death advocates really need to stop and think for a moment for a change. The logic of "dying with dignity" is rediculous on its face, this statement alone is an oxymoron for no one really dies with dignity. Dying in and of itself is the most undignifying thing that man can experience, from a biblical standpoint, given that we were not meant to die in the beginning since death itself is a product of a fallen world, there could never be anything dignified about it. If anything, the most dignified way of dying is to conquer it first. Then, it can be faced without fear, with a knowing that one will wake up again to life. As Christians, we've done this through the person of Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior. It was at Calvary that he conquered death for all of us.

Question: Did Jesus die with dignity?


Collin said...

All of you obsessed with one American's hospice transition should have a good look at the suffering caused by the War in Iraq - courtesy of "Culture of Life" George W. Bush. There are over 1500 dead soldiers, 30,000 injured on the U.S. side, 100,000 dead and who knows how many injured on the Iraqi side.

Jerry McClellan said...

Collin, if you want people to check out your blog, at least post something there first. In so far as your comment, it is completely unrelated to Terry Schiavo. Soldiers volunteer for duty and therefore it is an accepted notion that they will face combat and possibly be injured or killed in combat defending our freedoms and that of others. In so far as Iraqis that are injured, it is unfortunate that many civilian Iraqis have been injured or killed yet, keep in mind that for the most part these deaths and injuries are the result of other terrorist Iraqis, i.e. suicide bombers and the like.

Lets keep an honest perspective here.