Monday, March 21, 2005

Terry Schiavo, the fight continues....

From President Bush has signed a bill into law that could possibly save Terry!

Here audio of a conversation between Terry and her father, prepare yourself it is quite amazing!

I was visiting my mom this weekend and some of our relatives dropped in as well, namely my three cousins and my mothers' sister (my aunt). After all of the hugs and conversations, catching up on each others lives we settled down and began watching t.v., the news happen to be on and they were covering the Terry Schiavo case. During the coverage my cousins and aunt inquired, why won't they just let her go ahead and die? If she is suffering and will pass away anyway, then just let her be. There impression was that Terry is terminally ill and is passing away anyway, and she is only kept alive through some sort of life support system. As many of you out there in the blogosphere know, this is completely bogus. Terry is alive and well and only suffers from brain damage yet this doesn't mean that she is terminally ill. The reality of the situation is quite shocking, she is alive, and under the circumstances is doing relatively well, yet her own husband who has cheated on her repeatedly, and has fathered children by another woman wants to end her life. Why? Because according to him Terry would have wanted it this way. Yet, he has no real proof that she would have. Only a brief conversation after watching a t.v. show as he stated in a Larry King Live interview.

After explaining all of this to them their tone changed from saying she should just go ahead and die to how horrible it would be to cut off someone's feeding tube just because they were not acutely aware like the rest of us. Their outlook on the situation completely changed after hearing the truth.

One of the main reasons why people may be against Terry Schiavo being allowed to live is due to ignorance of the circumstances. She is not terminally ill, she is alive, yet is limited in her faculties. It is believed that with real aggressive treatment and rehabilitation it is possible that she could improve in many areas of communication and comprehension. It may take a great deal of time and energy, and yes money, but it is possible.

But I guess it is easier to just kill her.

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