Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Social Security Reform: Not good for Blacks?

I am not bound to win,
But I am bound to be true.
I am not bound to succeed,
But I am bound to live by the light that I have.
I must stand with anybody that stands right,
Stand with him while he is right,
And part with him when he goes wrong.

- Abraham Lincoln

No truer words are relevant to today than these. They remind me of the black community and its estranged marriage with the NAACP and Democratic party. Blacks definately need to part with these two groups for they have surely gone wrong.

A recent example of this wrong turn taken is an article by Star Parker over at Townhall.com talking about the Social Security reform being proposed by the president and how the NAACP have thrown their hat in the ring of opposition to privatized accounts along with the rest of the left. Is it at all surprising that they would be against a measure that would actually benefit most if not all Black Americans? Having privatized accounts would at least give back to the people what was stolen from us so long ago, the power of self determination. Social Security in its present form strips all individuals of that power for it forces us to put money into a blanket account of which we do not reap the full return on. Its like the old saying, what you put into it is what you get out of it...not so for SS. But at least with private accounts a person will gain back some measure of control over what they will eventually get out through earned interest compounded over the years and the ability, if offered, to invest in various stocks and funds. It would be nice to eliminate SS all together and allow people to be grown-ups like they are supposed to be and handle such matters on their own, but ofcourse the NAACP would never have this. They believe blacks do not have the ability to make such choices, having private accounts would only benefit the rich as they say without offering any proof mind you of such an assertion.

As Miss Parker notes, this is yet again another example of how out of touch the NAACP are with the black community and America in general. It becomes blatantly obvious that they are merely looking out for themselves. Taking such stances are for the benefit of maintaining whatever base of power they still do have through scare tactics. Quite shameful.

When will blacks wake up and stop riding this headless dinosaur from the past and get on board the reality-ship of self-reliance and self determination that is so waiting for them. Lets hope that it doesn't pass us by.

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