Friday, March 04, 2005


Ann Coulter throws her hat into the ring addressing the accusations of late directed towards conservatives who happen to somehow be connected to a gay lifestyle. I blogged a while back about a WND article reporting that several gay news outlets were "outing" Bush administration officials including White House press secretary Scott McClellan, called Gender Politics. My contention was basically, who cares? For people who supposedly are fighting to make everything gender neutral, why is it important to point out another's sexuality in the public domain?

As usual Miss Coulter takes it a little further, demonstrating the utter futility of their efforts and makes a good, yet very funny point about the consistency of the right and the true hypocrisy of the left. As they purport to support homosexuals then turn around and use the homosexual label as a means of embarrassment for conservatives. Amazing! Yet, in doing so they only demonstrate their own hypocrisy. It would be funny if it wasn't so shameful.

Coulter mentioned the lop-sidedness of the MSM, pointing out that on her Lexis-Nexis search she found 58 mentions about one story of a certain person's gay child(Alan Keyes), yet only two mentions of William J. Murray, the son of prominent atheist Madalyn Murray O'Hair, who, back in 1980 professed his conversion to Christianity! If that is not the story of the century then what is? It becomes blindingly clear that the purpose of "outing" these conservatives is to merely scare, intimidate and harass. Maybe even thinking that this will somehow bring legitimacy to the gay agenda in the public eye, as if saying "see, everyone is gay, your son could be gay, your you better get used to it and stop opposing it or face embarrassment!"

Just another example of the screwed up thinking on the left, that they would use these people's personal lives as cannon fodder in an attempt to somehow do damage to those of whom they oppose. It is bad enough that the black community has fallen prey with first pandering, and demanding equality for blacks, yet when real equality is achieved such as the case with Condaleeza Rice, personal attacks ensue because she is on the "wrong" team. I guess now not even homosexuals are immune (no pun intended). It is unfair, immoral and just down-right foolish to report on these stories for the sole purpose of causing embarrassment. People's personal lives should remain just that, personal, until that lifestyle begins to intrude into the public realm, which in these cases it has not.

But should we expect anything less from the left and MSM?


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