Wednesday, March 16, 2005


Brian Nichols, on trial for charges of rape, aggravated sodomy, false imprisonment, aggravated assault with intent to rape, possession of a firearm during the commission of a felony and burglary against a woman he dated for more than seven years, while in court, allegedly overpowered a female guard at the Fulton County courthouse, stole her gun and started a rampage that left four people dead including the judge presiding over the hearing. Many in the media and blogosphere have commented that he should have been guarded by a male guard of equal or greater stature, that a female guard should not have been guarding him alone. Lashawn Barber of Lashawn Barber's corner for instance asks is it irony or stupidity to allow a woman, especially a small woman to guard a 6 foot tall 210 pound man, who by the way is also accused of binding his ex-girlfriend with duct tape and assaulting her over a three-day period last fall? Lets see, 6 ft., 200 lb. accused rapist guarded by one woman? I say stupidity.

Then again earlier this year we have Dr. Larry Summers, president of Harvard University, making comments about gender differences in the sciences, particularly the lack of female scientists and engineers in tenured positions at major universities. After citing that there actually maybe, a possibility, that men and women could supposedly be different when it comes to intelligence, MIT biologist Dr. Nancy Hopkins had to leave the room, apparently due to the appalling revelation that she may actually be different from men. Since this little episode of utter foolishness Dr. Summers has been at the center of a great controversy over his comments and has since attempted to appease the unruly feminist mob rage as they storm "The Ivory Castle Harvard" in search of the freakish beast of reality to burn at the stake of diversity. Such fear of the truth, as Mr. Walter Willims states, leads to anti-intellectualism, and of all places for it to exist, Harvard University. Mr. Williams notes:

Virtually all academic literature on sex, IQ and aptitude reach the conclusion that there are differences between men and women. While the mean intelligence between men and women is similar, the variance differs significantly. Women cluster more about the mean while men are more spread out. That means fewer women, relative to men, are at both the low end and the high end of the intelligence and aptitude spectrum. That might partially explain why so many men are in jail compared to women, and why more geniuses like Mozart and Einstein are men. On last year's SAT math test, more than twice as many boys as girls scored in the top range (750-800).
So why all the fuss over Dr. Summers remarks? If the research deomonstrates this why wouldn't women actually celebrate that the truth has been discovered? Now they can breath easily knowing that it isn't blatant sexism, but simple genetics. Why? Because feminists out there fear losing ground in their so called struggle for equality with men, yet, they fail to see that their struggle is futile. Artificial policies don't bring equality, nor does denying the truth. But it is big business and that is the primary motivation for keeping up the victim politics. Money and Power.

For the regular folks out there looking for peace of mind here is the truth in a nutshell. As I've always stated and continue to say, men and women are not equal. We are not the same and cannot all do the same things as the other. We are not designed to compete but to complement. That is all part and partial of God's established order for this world. Men are natural leaders, conquerors and protectors while women nurtur, are care-givers, and are natural support systems for men and children. When this natural order is denied all hell breaks lose and now, as in the case with Dr. Summers, if someone even utters this possibility he/she is branded sexist, ignorant and intolerant. Ridiculous! It is time to get back to the truth, embrace it and live it. Our world will become far better off when more and more people come to understand this.

Of course there are far more dynamics involved with both of these cases, for instance, why wasn't Nichols handcuffed while in the courtroom in addition to him being guarded by one woman. As Doug Powers points out in a WND article,
"studies" have shown that jurors are "unfairly influenced" when a person on
trial is wearing handcuffs.

I concur with his assessment of this "study"

The "study," it can be safely assumed, was conducted by somebody who doesn't have to sit anywhere near defendants in rape and murder trials.

Of course with the PC nuts running things, this incident won't change this practice of not handcuffing defendants in court, as Mr. Powers further predicts:

Defendants will not be cuffed in court, but the holsters will be made so tough to get into that the officer will need a masters in physics and 15 minutes in order to remove the weapon. An unfortunate lesson throughout history, however, is that scumbags are often a step or two ahead of the rest of us on some issues. Nowhere does the old phrase "Necessity is the mother of invention" apply more than to desperate criminals, who will figure out how any holster works before many officers are able to.
The scary thing is, I believe him. I really do believe that rather than simply handcuff these thugs, these people would rather spend countless time and dollars developing a new way of making it more difficult for officers to do their job. Amazing!

With Dr. Summers, other issues were raised as to why there are fewer women who excel in the sciences, one being that more women choose family over career. Yet, this is a very un-PC fact for it moves to support the notion that women are in fact natural care-givers, whose primary role is to take care of the family.

The PC police, Multi-cultural socialists, Feminazis, and Diversity preachers just won't have any of it. Their social experiment in breaking up the family, redefining gender roles, and establishing an amoral society(i.e. abortion on demand) must be continued at all costs, any cost, even at the cost of human life.

UPDATE: CORRECTION; In regards to the Atlanta story involving the rapist who went on a shooting spree, I mistakenly wrote his name to be Terry Nichols when it is actually Brian Nichols. I apologize for the mistake. At the time I wrote this I was reading abou the Oklahoma City Bombing, I guess it was still on my mind.

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