Thursday, February 17, 2005


Time is winding down until February 22, the day Mrs. Schiavo may be removed from her feeding tubes. The hubris involved in this is absolutely amazing! What has happened to this world when we reach a point such as this where parents and family have to fight in a legal forum to keep someone alive who is already alive!??

Some big questions seem to loom in my mind regarding her husbands claims that Terry did not want to be kept alive, if this is so, why keep her in this condition for so long? Why allow her to die by starvation? Why not inject her with something, allowing her a quick, painless death? Why starvation? Lashawn Barber remarked about this stating that maybe it is because the doctors and husband want to claim that she died of natural causes, to avoid accusations of murder I suppose. Yet, why worry about that if she truly did request to not be allowed to live under such conditions? Another question I have to ask, why didn't she write this down anywhere? No will, no legal document, not even a letter or note.

Wouldn't the lack of such information actually give more credence to Terry's parents when they state that she wouldn't want to die this way? Wouldn't it at least cause a thinking individual to doubt the word of the husband?

What is wrong with our society when rather than choose the side of caution and maintain life, we simply choose to end it based on the unproven assertion of a dishonest, cowardly husband? Is Judge Greer deaf, dumb, and blind, that he cannot see through this chirade that Mr. Schiavo is putting on? Surely the law would allow for the judge to excercise common sense, allowing Terry Schiavo to receive some treatment, or at least be examined by a non-biased third party physician before rendering such a serious and potentially devastating decision.

I pray that truth will prevail in this.

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Also, InTheBullPen; who doens't usually write about such topics, says he feels for Terry's husband and believes that he is merely acting on his wife's wishes, yet his love for Terry should at least allow her the chance to recover. That maybe true, that Mr. Schiavo is sincerely acting on behalf of his wife, yet, that doesn't justify his actions, especially fathering children by another woman and carrying on a relationship outside of his marriage. Among all of the emotions, hype, and controversy we seem to forget the moral implications involved here. This man's character is in question, not just because he wants to end the life of his wife, but because he has shown that he is unfaithful, that he doesn't care for the interests of Terry's family by not at least allowing them contact with her during this tough and arduous time.

Here we have another instance of the devaluing of human life. Personally, I don't believe Terry Schiavo ever requested that she be terminated under such circumstances, but even if she had, and I am sure there are others who actually do request such things, what kind of thinking would cause one to come to such a conclusion? That one, you would not want everything that could possibly be done to save or maintain your life, and two, that you actually have the right to make such a dicision? It all points to a type of arrogance and ignorance of the divine truth, that life is a precious gift from God, and only He has the right to take life in such a way. That is what makes suicide wrong, we are made in God's image or likeness, ending your own life completely rejects this. In addition, the willful death of an individual has unseen implications on other individuals and society at large. Not only choosing to end our life but also how we choose to do it can affect our world in astronomical proportions. It is an incredible act of selfishness for it only serves one person and even then it is not beneficial.

Just another clear sign of a fallen world. The Lord giveth and the Lord taketh away.

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