Monday, February 28, 2005

Terry Schiavo Scheduled for Death Once Again...

Lashawn Barber reports that in three weeks on March 18 Michael Schiavo’s wish to kill his wife will come true. Judge Greer decided to try to end the matter by granting Mr. Schiavo's request. Amazing! Talk about a lack of character, the man is weak. He can't even muster up the gonads to make the right decision.

Once again I must ask the question I asked in a previous post, where are the liberal defenders of human rights? Where are these champions of justice? Why are they silent on the Terry Schiavo situation?

Too busy watching the Oscars I guess.


Anonymous said...

Watching the Oscars, the Super bowl, NASCAR... What's the difference? 35,000 children die a day in the world of starvation another 10,000 from lack of health care. Do you know how many Terri Schiavo's that is? 45,0000. What finger did you lift yesterday to help them? Oh, I'm sorry. I forgot, you guys only want to take stands that are easy and fun.

Jerry McClellan said...

If you are going to criticise my opinion at least have enough gonads to post your name, any name. But, to point out the utter foolishnes of your point I will say this, why are you wasting your time resenting me and others who support Mrs. Schiavo when there are so many children starving to death that obviously need your help?

Another question: where is this "world of starvation"? How does one get there or get out?

And then,what country do these children live in? It can't be America for we are the richest on the planet with free healthcare for anyone who wants it. So they must live in what is considered third world nations. If that is the case, then why not send a complaint to the leaders of those nations who are so corrupt that they won't even allow some aid to get to their people coming from other nations including the good ole US of A.

And, finally, to answer your last question. I lift my finger every day when I go to work and have taxes stolen from my paycheck which eventually ends up being sent to these third world nations in the form of federal government relief and aid, and still I give to the Feed The Children Foundation as well as the Abandoned Baby Center which is a subsidiary of the former that sends help to children and mothers suffering from AIDs in Africa.

Any other questions?