Wednesday, February 09, 2005


Kathleen Parker from writes about Lt. Gen. James N. Mattis of the U.S. Marine Corps, who made comments expressing an enjoyment of killing the enemy. She starts out citing a scene from the movie Soldier starring Kirt Russell, where his character Todd is questioned by a women who nursed him back to health after major confrontation with his new found enemies, she asked him "What are you going to do?" and being the disciplined solder he was trained to be Todd's reply was "I'm going to kill them all, sir."

As Ms. Parker pointed out, excellent response. While her article discusses and even defends Gen. Matti's remarks, which by the way I feel do not need defending at all, her citing an example from this movie reminded me of some key points that the movie made. This particular film speaks to some of the issues we are facing today in regards to questioning the need to go to war vs. Diplomacy. If you haven't seen it I highly recommend you go out and rent it, especially if you are a sci-fi fan like myself. You won't be disappointed. In relation to today's message of multicultural meandering, and pusillanimous
posturing, it actually serves as a healthy reminder that, for the most part, both diplomacy and war are necessary for individual and national survival. The scene that displays the importance of aggression or war perfectly in my opinion is when, after Todd is taken in by one of the stranded couples on the garbage planet, he teaches their son, who is mute for some unknown reason, how to defend himself when a snake infiltrates their home. The first time the snake comes in the boy just sits there and looks frightened while the snake makes ready to strike a blow to the boy, Todd steps in and attempts to encourage the boy to smash the snake with a heavy boot before he is bitten, before anything further happens, the mother steps in and rebukes Todd for attempting to show her son how to kill. This becomes significant as later in the film the couple is sleeping and the same snake comes back in and comes within a few inches of killing both parents when the little boy steps up and smashes the snake with the very same boot in the same manner that Todd had previously shown him to do. Fascinating! The point, well here you have a couple trying to teach their son piece through inaction and avoidance, yet having to learn, almost the hard way, through their son that sometimes aggression is good and necessary for survival. While at the same time a soldier who is bred from birth to murder and kill, learns compassion, trust and to an extent finds something worth fighting for, friends, family and freedom.

David Limbaugh also writes about Gen. Mattis and rightfully condemns the left for their foolish attempts at once again weakening our military and attempting to force on them misguided standards of tolerance and political correctness. Failing to realize that this is what they are trained to do, kill the enemy!

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