Monday, February 21, 2005

Gender politics

World Net Daily reports that there are some rumors, and unsubstantiated reporting going on within the homosexual Blogosphere and online mags that certian white house officials and GOP White House press are homosexual. One such report targets Scott McClellan, White House press secretary, accusing him of visiting a gay bar. Rediculous!

My response is who cares!? Obviously, whether Mr. McClellan or anyone else named/accused truly are homosexual, it is none of our business since they have made efforts to not make it our business. So why all of the reporting within the Gay press? Just blind anger and ignorance.
Homosexuality becomes the business of the public when the public is forced to accept it against their own will and better judgement. I am sure it is common knowledge that there are gays within the ranks of the GOP. Isn't such information supposed to be a private matter though? Isn't this the Lefts' mantra, that what one does in his/her bedroom is none of anyone elses business? So why all the fuss over whether or not these gentlemen are gay? In attempting to show that members of the GOP are hypocrites, once again the left only serves to demonstrate their own hypocrisy in the matter. Sad indeed.

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