Monday, February 21, 2005

Did she make him promise????

I've been thinking about the Terry Schiavo case all day. Wondering still how such a situation could come about in this country, why is it not cut and dry? What is wrong with people that something such as this is even up for debate?

Then it dawned on me. Mr. Schiavo continues to contend that Terry would have wanted to die this way and not have her life sustained. That she stated this to him, according to a Larry King Live interview, after she watched some type of t.v. show on the subject matter. Yet, no where in the interview or anywhere else I've read has it said that she made him promise to carry out her wishes. No where is it indicated that he assured her that he would. No where is it stated that she was difinative about this choice. So, what has him beholden to this one choice of ending his wifes' life? How can he be sure that this is exactly what Terry would want given that the comments were made at such a young, inexperienced age? Was the question every asked as to how much time progressed between this statement and her untimely illness? I mean, it would possibly be more cut and dry had this been an ongoing conversation between Terry and her husband, or if after making such a statement, the following day she falls ill.

Interview With Michael Schiavo
Aired October 27, 2003 - 21:00 ET

SCHIAVO: Now, they keep saying that I'm the only one that came to the court with these comments that Terri made. There was two other people that testified also.

KING: That she did say that?

SCHIAVO: That she did say that.

KING: But why do you want it taken out? Why do you want the feeding tube removed?

SCHIAVO: This is Terri's wish. And I'm going to follow that wish, if it's the last thing I can do for Terri. I love Terri deeply. And I'm going to follow it up for Terri.

KING: How old was she when this happened?


KING: A 25-year-old said to you, if I die, if I'm in this kind of state, most 25-year-olds wouldn't think of something like that?

SCHIAVO: It was a comment from watching certain programs. She said, we were watching some programs, and she says, I don't want anything artificial like that. I don't want any tubes. Don't let me live like that. I don't want to be a burden to anybody. She's also made comments to other people about different stories.

I disagree with Mr. King, I think a lot of 25 year olds probably do, including myself, and many change their minds several times over, including myself. That is not really the point, to me, what should have been asked is whether or not Terry Schiavo not only expressed such concern but would she have changed her mind as she became older? Was this one moment in their marriage the deciding event? What was her thinking prior to her untimely illness? Is it even honest to actually decide the fate of an individual based on one comment or conversation?

I may be wrong here, maybe she did make him promise and he has made this known. Maybe I just havent' read or heard of it yet. If anyone out there knows, please comment and let me know.


supercat said...

The notion that Terri would have made Michael promise to do something that would have been generally regarded as unthinkable at the time, and which nobody would have even seriously considered legalizing until years later, is absurd.

But to any reasonable person who is familiar with his television interviews and public or official actions, it's clear Michael Schiavo is a liar.

Unfortunately, Judge Greer is not a reasonable person.

Jerry McClellan said...

Supercat, good point you made, that at the time she supposedly stated this, the general acceptance of such a practice was widely rejected.

That is at the heart of this issue to me, why is the court system actually taking this one man's word given the circumstances of how and when she stated this so called desire to not go on if in a vegetative state? Why is Mr. Schiavo holding on to this mission of "mercy" so strongly? Surely if money or some type of corrupt cover-up is not the motive then the only deduction is that Terry must have truly expressed adamantly, that she did not want to live out the remainder of her life in such a state of being.