Friday, February 04, 2005

Boxing Gloves For Roosters?

This is the title of a blog post over at Dodo Universe a new blog I discovered in the blogoverse. So far I like what I've read. This particular post discusses an Oaklahoma Senator trying to overturn a state law banning cock fighting. Yes, you heard me right, cock fighting!
In 2002 Oklahoma voters added an amendment to the Oklahoma Constitution banning cockfighting. Ever since then, Shurden has been trying to thwart the will of Oklahoma voters.
So, here we have an elected official willingly and intentionally going against the will of the people, the very same people who put him into office most likely. Why is this man waisting tax payer money and the people's time on what is seemingly a trivial issue at best?

How do these people get elected and why do we vote for them?


Michael_the_Archangel said...

Yeah, I saw some coverage on that story. It was not only 'boxing gloves' but little padded vests too. Seriously, I saw two of the roosters decked out in this garb and going at it. While I'm not a fan of cock fighting, this aborted attempt WASN'T cock fighting.

As for where we get these clowns who run for office. Either they are (usually) lawyers who made ALOT of money or lawyers who didn't make any money. The reason they get voted in is because we often don't have any other choices - tweedle dumb or tweedle dumber.

John Klovt said...
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