Friday, January 28, 2005


Reading Bill O'Rielly's talking points on the Iraqi elections taking place you get a grim picture, yet, I believe a very well thought out and truthful one. His conclusion is pretty straight forward and simple, if the U.S. and subsequent allies fail in Iraq, terrorism will gain momentum and therefore more power. If we succeed, there is a real chance at peace and possibly retarding future terrorist efforts towards America. For some reason though, as Mr. O. pointed out, there are some who for some reason or another fail to get this concept. Stemming from the likes of John Kerry, Diane Finestien and Ted Kennedy is a message of doubt, finger pointing, and dissent towards our efforts in Iraq. Just recently Ted Kennedy gave a speech calling for a plan to pull out troops from Iraq by next year. In it he makes some interesting points yet fails to offer any real solutions to the current situation, that being, terrorism will flourish if America is perceived by our enemies as failures by pulling out too soon. In his speech before the Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies, he refers to Americas presence in Iraq as an "occupation" as if implying that we are the invaders and not liberators, then in another place points out this very notion by stating
The Administration relied for advice on self-promoting Iraqi exiles who were out of touch with the Iraqi people and resented by them--and the result is an America regarded as occupier, not as liberator.
What are we in his mind I wonder. You can read the rest for yourself but it really bugs the heck out of me when our leaders get on their soapboxes and publicly reveal pertinent info to our enemies about our weaknesses, military losses and mistakes. He is basically sending a "coded" message to the enemy saying "hey, we are hurtin' bad and the terrorist are winning, and not only that but are perceived as heroes by many in the world". If a speech like this doesn't embolden our enemies to keep on keepin on then I'm a monkey's uncle! Does anyone else see the blatant idiocy of such actions? I mean, whose side is this man on? Who is he rooting for? Referring to the terrorist as "insurgents", pointing out that most of them are home grown... so what if they are Iraqi or foreign? They are still terrorists! One key point he fails to realize is that we are fighting this war, not just to liberate Iraq, but to keep these guys from bringing the fight over here on American soil. Capturing Bin Laden or Zarqawi is not going to end terrorism, nor is it going to cripple it severely, but spreading the seeds of democracy and freedom in the very garden that spawned these two individuals and others like them, is what's going to bring victory to the world.

The more democracy spreads in this world the safer we become, very simple reasoning, yet, it is not going to come easily. It took many years for America to become as free as it is today, with much death and bloodshed. In another place in his speech, Kennedy compared Iraq to Viet Nam, well, he has a point, maybe not the one he intended to make, Iraq is very much like Viet Nam, for just as negative propaganda about the war gave the perception of loss on our part and emboldened the enemy to keep fighting then, what is going to ultimately win this war is our ability to change minds through positive propaganda we send to our enemies today, just like in Nam, if we continue to allow dissent and back-biting to ensue among our leaders none-the-less in the public sphere, we will truly lose this war in the minds of the terrorists, and ultimately the Iraqi people who truly do desire freedom. We will win militarily, but will lose politically, and when we do finally exit Iraq, it will be far worse off then before we came. No thanks to the likes of the Ted Kennedy's on "our side".


Reggie said...

Hey fellow Bill O'Reilly fan I presume? Me too. Got wind of your blog through my best friend's blog-Free4Good. Good post, keep 'em coming, we need all the conservative voices we can get here. Feel free to check mine out sometime and let me know what you think,

Dan said...

You're being much more kind to Kennedy than I can be right now. I simply can't fathom how this man gets returned to the Senate as he does, regardless of the state politics involved. His older brother John must be spinning in his grave.

Jerry McClellan said...

Maybe I am being too kind. What in the world was he thinking with such a speach? Even John Kerry had enough sense to disagree with him on Meet The Press yesterday.