Thursday, January 06, 2005


I went to another Townhall conservatives meetup on Tuesday night January 3rd where Walter Moore, a 45-year-old business trial lawyer was invited to speak. I found out through the meetup that he is running for Mayor of Los Angeles so I wanted to hear him speak. He is a conservative Republican and I must say an incredibly funny guy. He was invited to speak at this months meetup since he is the only Republican running for mayor, many in the group believed that it would be to our advantage to support his candidacy. Admittedly, there were some, and there still are, who were quite hesitant at supporting him given that L.A. and California in general is for the most part, liberal. Currently all of the other mayoral contenders are of a liberal persuasion. Personally, I did not plan to vote for any of them prior to finding out that there was actually a Republican candidate running. I know many of you may say that a local office such as mayor is supposed to be a non-partisan position. Well, that is true, yet knowing that the potential candidate shares many of the same political views I have makes a world of difference to me in that I can have the confidence that his policies will be in line with what I know to be true.

Moore's platform falls right on target with much of what I believe in and support with a few exceptions, such as the whole dog beach thing. I am not much of a pet lover, although I do love and appreciate God's four footed creatures, but as far as having pets, your barking up the wrong tree. I have two small kids and enough poop and drool to go around.

His stance on immigration really got me interested. After checking out his site and researching on my own, I was quite appalled at what is actually going on right under our noses here in L.A. Did anyone out there know that there is a law called
Special Order 40 which prohibits officers from inquiring about the legal status of potential illegal aliens and worse yet, blocks any efforts by police in working with federal agents enforcing immigration laws? Amazing! Mr. Moore is totally against such practices and seems adamant about cleaning up the "pay to play" politics going on in City Hall. The LAX fiasco is one that has really gotten under my skin. Some of the things that are being funded are absolutely rediculous! I digress, back to our candidate for mayor. I gathered from Mr. Moore's speech that he is not afraid to speak the truth and give his honest opinion, that I like. I also liked is boldness and ease in front of an audience, he didn't back peddle when confronted with a difficult question. Unfortunately, I didn't see him debate, but something tells me he would do quite fine, holding his own against the current line-up of candidates. When he discussed illegal immigration is was like a breath of fresh air to hear someone actually come out and say that it is wrong and is a drain on our system in this city and state. Even some conservatives are afraid to say this even though it is true. Many I've had conversations with simply rationalize that the problem with illegal immigration cannot be solved therefore we should figure out another way to deal with it. I say Bull! Attitudes like that is disappointing to say the least. While Mr. Moore doesn't make any guarantees, he does promise to fight the good fight on this issue and I for one appreciate that. I hope, if elected, he follows through.

Due to this non-PC approach he is going to have an uphill battle in this race for mayor but I will be rooting for him anyway and I compel you Angelinos out there to check out his website, see what the man stands for and then tell your friends to vote for him and vote for him yourself. I truly believe that we need more conservatives in office in this city and state. While Mr. Moore may not win, this should be a great exercise in rallying the troops and getting out the conservative vote, not just on a national level but locally. Maybe over time we can change this city and take it back to being the great place to live and work it once was.

Good luck and God bless to you Mr. Moore, you have won my vote!

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Michael_the_Archangel said...

Well, cool and no-so-cool Jerry. On the one hand, he really sounds refreshing, like an open window in a smoke filled room. Unfortunately, (IMHO) the dems control/overwhelm the government and media SO much down there that should he rise above a blip on the radar screen, they will slap him down with PC that will make you think the man is the leader of the local KKK chapter.

As for your comment regarding, dogs, kids, drool and poop. You got the order wrong, you're suppose to get the dog first so the drool and poop from the kids comes as second nature (grin).