Sunday, December 05, 2004


The theme of the day seems to be race politics. The always lovely Lashawn Barber of Lashawn Barber's Corner blogs about the issues of diversity on Historically Black Campuses, Illegal Immigration in the Golden State and the lovely Michelle Malkin responds to some liberal bloggers who weren't smart enough to realize that it is not a crime for a minority women to change your last name after marriage. Finally we have Mr. Keith Harris giving the scoop on Southern race politics below.


Bill James, a name that some of you may get to know some day soon. Mr. James is a County Commissioner in Charlotte-Mecklenburg North Carolina. I live in what we call Upstate South Carolina and I am in close proximity to Charlotte. Bill James has over the years been called a lot of names, he even semi prides himself on being know as the bishop of Charlotte. Just this week Mr James is at it again with an email that he sent to some 1000 Charlotte area residents.

This is an excerpt from the email:

"Most people know why CMS (Charlotte Mecklenburg Schools) can't teach kids within the urban black community. They live in a moral sewer with parents who lack the desire to act properly. That immorality impacts negatively the lives of these children and creates an environment where education is considered `acting white' and lack of education is a `plus' in their world. Count on the Democrats and the media to try and ignore that debate as well."

Needless to say the “Black Leaders”, the Black Clergy, Democrats, and surprisingly the local Republicans are all over James’ email for what it implies and because it will have an economic impact on the Charlotte region. Some guy from the chamber has said that companies looking to relocate to the region will hear about James’ comments and rethink coming to this region. Once again they are more concerned with the image and not the plight of the people.

Let me see if I get this straight Bill Cosby can say basically the same thing as Bill James and in just a matter of a few months liberals are looking to draft him to head the NAACP. Bill James on the other hand has been asked to resign from his County Commissioners seat. So constructive criticism is good when it comes from one of our own but when it comes from a white conservative it is racism. Just a few weeks ago it was ok to paint Condolezza Rice in a less than favorable light, hay lets just say it was out and out racism. Again let me understand when it (racism) comes from liberals its ok but when it seems that its coming from a conservative it is not ok.

What indeed are the solutions to this problem of failing, morally bankrupt, and undiscipline black school children? I know the ultimate solution is Jesus Christ Himself, but how do we put legs to this so that its not just a mantra but a way of life? Its your turn to tell me what we should do. Please, I don’t want to hear about any programs that are government sponsored. This ultimately is a faith based problem so lets hear some faith based solutions.

I'll start by saying that the solutions are found in the truth. A common theme of what Mr. Harris' point and the other links here is that there is a great deal of hypocrisy stemming from the left or liberal minded. While these people cry racism at the slightest utterance from a conservative, they fail to address the real problems at hand. Instead of blogging about Michelle Malkin's maiden name why not address the issue of the lack of assimilation of the American culture by immigrants? As an alternative to bashing a Black or White conservative for telling the truth about the plight of the Black community, why not actually respond with a viable solution and challenge our leaders to address and actually fix the problem? Instead of calling Mrs. Condaleeza Rice an Aunt Jamima, Sell-out, house nigga, or Brown Sugar, why not give her position of authority the respect it damn well deserves by intelligently and constructively critiquing her job performance with tangible, viable and (gasp!) factual information?

The behavior and mindset of much of the liberal left is out right shameful and disgracful and needs to be put in check. Going around name calling and accusing others of racism by being racist is of the lowest frame of mind. It is a sign of anger and amorality. Such behavior deserves no more respect than the gum on the bottom of my left shoe.
I think the late, great President Ronald Reagan summed it up best...

"The trouble with our liberal friends is not that they're ignorant: It's just that they know so much that isn't so.
-Ronald Reagan


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