Tuesday, November 09, 2004


This is an article on Townhall.com shedding some more light on the Oil for food scam between Iraq, the U.N. and several countries including France and Russia. Apparently it has been discovered that two Russian generals were heavily involved with Iraqi defense and weapons programs and were in the country just 10 days prior to the beginning of the U.S. lead invasion back in March 2003. Not only that but both of the generals were photographed receiving awards from Iraqi Defense Minister Sultan Hashim Ahmed. Amazing!

My guess is that more information like this will begin to be revealed before years end. One thing I have noticed though is that this scandal, and it is a scandal of the highest level, seems to not be reported a great deal in the mainstream news organizations. Why is that?

Just imagine if Kerry would have won the election. Do you think the Oil for food investigation would continue as it is under a Kerry/Edwards administration? Personally, I don't think so.

Thank God for President George W. Bush.

To get updated on the progression of the Oil for food scam and to get caught up on some of its history and origins, check out this link to the Heritage Foundation website. They have been writing, researching, and reporting on this since the onset and, I believe, were among the first to officially call for a full investigation of the U.N., requiring Kofi Anan to step down as U.N. Secretary General while the investigation took place.

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