Wednesday, November 03, 2004


Thank God almighty for his grace and mercy! Fox news reports that Kerry finally concedes to President Bush It's about time. I believe Fox declared Bush as winning first, before all of the other networks. When I left for my office this morning I was watching NBC's today show (don't have cable) and they were still reporting that Ohio, New Mexico, and Nevada were not decided yet. What is up this that?

Am my mistaken? Can someone correct me please, wasn't Fox news the first to declare Bush the winner? If so, why were the other networks (ABC, CBS, NBC, etc.)not reporting the same? Interesting? Like I said, this morning around 7:30am PST NBC was still reporting that the election was in the air and Ohio was not decided yet in addition to the other states mentioned above.

Well, anyway, may God bless President Bush and America!

On a sadder note Prop. 71 passed here in the Golden State. Shameful. This state is really morally screwed up. Not to mention there really wasn't much resistance made in the mainstream to the proposition, why is that? Mel Gibson finally came out barely a week before. He ran a web based add urging to vote No on prop 71. Why not advertise on t.v.? The push to vote No was very poorly carried out in my opinion, this proposition passed due to a lack of knowledge and understanding. The general public were not properly informed of the truth, even in the local news when a reporter finally does acknowledge oppostion to prop 71, they only point out there were moral oppostion but do not state exactly what that oppostion is. The people were pandered to heavily by scientists and celebrities alike. It will truly be sad 10 years from now when we see that nothing but more debt and corruption comes from this measure. Not even the local conservative Republican chapters really spoke out against this initiative, amazing! Even our very own governator supported this initiative demonstrating his own moral failings and ignorance of the truth.

May God truly have mercy on this state.

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