Friday, November 12, 2004


I received these emails today, I guess in response to some of my postings on my blog or maybe my posts on other blogs. I decided to post them here anonymously to allow any of you out there in blogland to respond. I've already responded directly but thought it would be interesting to see what other explanations/arguments can be given in relation to these issues.

BTW, as for Stem Cell Research...did you know that, when a couple uses a fertility clinic, the embryos that are not implanted are...DESTROYED? How is THAT any different than an abortion? I mean, isn't that life created in a petri dish the same as the life created in the womb?

I know PLENTY of so-called Christians who USE fertility clinics.And the embryos they DON'T use are destroyed.

That being said, what's so wrong with donating those embryos for the purpose of research? I mean, if they aren't used for research, they're going to be flushed down a toilet...or whatever they do to destroy them.

Here is the second email I received from the same person:

But by passing your laws against gay marriage, aren't YOU forcing YOUR morals and lifestyle on THEM?! Or is it okay for YOU to do it, but no one else?

Tell me please...exactly HOW does a same sex couple getting married 3000 miles away affect YOUR marriage? And don't feed me that garbage about the "sanctity of marriage", okay...because at least 50% of all marriages in this country end in DIVORCE. Men cheat on their wives, and women cheat on their husbands....and so-called Christians seem to cheat just about as often as anyone else. Yes, REPUBLICANS cheat JUST AS OFTEN as democrats do.

Sanctity of marriage?! PLEASE...we don't hold marriage sacred in this country anymore. Haven't for YEARS! Michael Jackson got married...Dennis Rodman got married, for God's sake! How "sanctified" can marriage be if THESE guys were allowed to do it?

Feel free to respond and comment on either or both. Please be cordial and fair. Thank you.

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