Monday, November 15, 2004


This link is a press release from the Rainbow/Push Coalition expressing their grief over Yassar Arafat's death. It pretty much paints a picture of him as a martyr, comparing him to George Washington, Mandela and yes, Mr. Jackson even eludes to Moses, as Arafat was born in egypt as well. Amazing!

Mr. Jackson concludes with:

"Soon, Israeli-Palestinian coexistence will become a fact. Maybe fresh faces in the places of those who have led may be required. Israelis and Palestinians will abide with mutual recognition and coexistence in no small measure due to the contribution of Chairman Arafat"

It very well may become a fact, if and only if, someone of real character, honesty and truth steps up to the plate and works towards a democracy for Palestine rather than continue the legacy of terrorism and destruction that Mr. Arafat left behind.

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