Monday, November 01, 2004

Powerline Blog goes mainstream & PROP 71 info ran by Bert Bregman, will be part of a special "team" of bloggers who will give special analysis of the election along with NBC's election night broadcast team. Lets give him the support and info he needs and support this endeavor. (JUST CLICK ON THE TITLE LINK TO GO TO HIS BLOG)

How exciting!

Good luck Mr. Bregman, do us bloggers proud!

PROP. 71

For those Californians out there in the blogosphere and abroad, please get the word out about the truth behind prop 71. So far a couple of t.v. polls puts public support of this initiative at 60% for to 30% against, this is quite disheartening. For those who may not be aware, prop. 71 is an initiative that, if passed, would require funding from the state to the tune of about 3 billion dollars to go towards Stem Cell Research and has provisions within it that directs funds specifically for Embryonic Stem Cell research and ultimatey human cloning (somatic cell nuclear transfer). Their ad campaign features celebrities such as the late Christiopher Reeve, Micheal J. Foxx and also several well known and respected Nobel prize doctors and scientists. All profess the so called virtues of Stem Cell research, yet none mention that the funding will specifically and predominantly be used for Embryonic Stem Cell reaserch. The only reason why an initiative is supposedly needed is due in large part to the desire of many scientists to clone human beings. The prop 71 measure has in it language designed to actually give these researchers the right to clone a human being. As Wesley J. Smith of the CBC and a senior fellow at the Discovery Institute notes,

The same is not true of embryonic stem cell research or human cloning experiments. Federal funding of ESCR is restricted to cell lines in existence before August 9, 2001. Moreover, the federal government does not pay a dime for research into somatic cell nuclear transfer cloning, nor are there any current proposals for it to do so (although Ron Reagan's speech at the Democratic Convention promoted that course). Hence, the measure would make it a constitutional requirement that priority in funding go to human cloning research, since that area of research currently receives no federal funds, with embryonic stem cell research next in line, since there are policy limitations in place that biotechnologists claim encumber the research.

Ultimately, Prop. 71 cannot pass in that the state should not be funding research that requires a viable fetus to be created for the specific purpose of being destroyed and ultimately used for cloning. This is immoral in that it subverts the inherent God-given dignity of human life and will only serve to spiral this state and the nation further into an abyss of moral apathy. I appeal to those Christian bloggers out there. For the secular bloggers, keep in mind that your tax dollars will be used to support this practice, a practice that hasn't proven itself viable in the private sector, inspite of receiving more than adequate funding from the very same. But because of this failure to demonstrate any real progress, this funding is at risk of disipating, which is why these groups are appealing to voters to get public funding, while ASC research has proven to be far more feasible within the private sector. Not to mention, all of the promised treatments and cures are bogus, there is no evidence to support a claim that Alzhimers, Parkinsons or any other brain defect/desease can be cured by either research method. The ads and literature supporting ESC research is quite disingenuous and flat out lies to the public and plays to their emotions and ignorance on this issue, promising quick, short term results. For that reason alone this propostion should not be passed. Keep in mind also, as quoted above, that there is still federally funded research taking place, which allows for pre-existing embryos already slated for destruction or destroyed to be used for ESC reasearch. Contrary to popular belief, there is no federal ban on Stem Cell Research nor specifically, Embryonic Stem Cell research.

A good resource on Stem Cell Research is at the website of the Center for Bioethics and Human Dignity(CBHD). There are numerous articles, stats and the like on both ESC and ASC research. Another resource is the Center for Bioethics and Culture where you will find world renouned scientists and bio-ethicists espousing the truth regarding stem cell research and where you will find the article I quoted from in its entirety. A link to the article regarding prop 71 and the fiscal crisis in California is here.

Please take the time to educate yourself, take a stand and vote NO on Prop. 71, it is immoral to its core in every way you can think of.

As in all things, I pray for God's will to be done.

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