Friday, November 05, 2004


This is an article brought to my attention written by a Jane Smiley. I've never heard of her or read any of her other work before. Apparently Ms. Smiley is not happy with the election results and decided to rant about it in her column. Here premise is simple, Bush won the election because conservative, southern, Christians are ignorant and stupid. I won't comment much more on it as you can click here and read it for yourself. I must caution you though, reading this may either make you very angry or have you laughing uncontrollably as I was. Here is just a snippet of this woman's thinking:

Here is how ignorance works: First, they put the fear of God into you—if you don't believe in the literal word of the Bible, you will burn in hell. Of course, the literal word of the Bible is tremendously contradictory, and so you must abdicate all critical thinking, and accept a simple but logical system of belief that is dangerous to question. A corollary to this point is that they make sure you understand that Satan resides in the toils and snares of complex thought and so it is best not try it.

That is just one of many golden nuggets of "wisdom" that fill this article. I am sure what will jump out at you immediately is the blatant hypocrisy of much of what she accuses the Right of doing is exactly what she is doing in this article.

How does the song go? Let your true colors shine through?


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Michael_the_Archangel said...

Yes, what I've been commenting on and am surprised about is how they blantantly call Bush supporters, stupid, morons and rubes. Then they turn around and ask why we didn't/won't join them in thier causes and ideas. Well, let's see, even a stupid rube is likely to get upset when you call them stupid. After showering them with those kinds of compliments, how would they expect that person to join with them. And they call Bush supporters dumb.