Tuesday, October 26, 2004


Just discovered this at WorldNetDaily.com, Amazing!

Not only is this man a coward but, based on this recent discovery, he is a traitor to his country!

If John Kerry wins this election may God truly have mercy on us all.


Anonymous said...

Umm, which article in particular did you want us to look at? thanks


Jerry McClellan said...

If you click on the title link it will take you directly to the article. Sorry for the confusion, here is the link as well:


Anonymous said...

Oh yeah, that one. sKerry was either a usefull fool or a conniving anti-american. Remember some of the poly/spy thrillers about a foreign attempt to seed a home-grown son that would rise thru the political world and upon attaining the presidency only to turn the country over to his masters?

Either way, there definitely needs to be a trial for treason. Should sKerry become POTUS, I imagine he'd become untouchable since he could pardon himself for the past crimes, however, should he commit treason against us vis a vis the WOT, we can still get him for the current act of treason..