Wednesday, September 08, 2004

My First Townhall Meetup...

I went to my first townhall meetup on last night. It was quite interesting. The meetup was a San Fernando Valley conservatives group meetup. I signed up on the website.

This particular meeting was focused mainly on the Bush/Cheney re-election bid and getting people out to vote this coming election. There were also several local candidates there to address the attendees and encourage as well as thank them for their support. Overall it was quite nice. There is a great deal of momentum in the Bush campaign, thanks in large part to the apparent success of the GOP convention. A great deal of enthusiam from the front line volunteers.

I met a lot of people there and had some very interesting and enlightening conversations. As my bio states, I am a new conservative in that within the past two to three years I've come to truly realize that my views about the world first and foremost must be shaped by God's word and secondly, because of that fact, in carrying out my beliefs I've come to support the conservative platform, specifically the Republican party. So for me, this was quite new and different from my usual hangouts, i.e., kicking it with my brothers or sisters listening to their complaints about Bush and praises for Jesse Jackson. It was nice to be around like-minded individuals for once. You would think that I would have found like-minded people at my church, but not even at church do I find many conservatives. It is quite amazing when you think about it.

Although I was a bit nervous going into this, one thing I did know and expect to happen, I knew that most likely I would be the only black person in the room, and sure enough I was. I stood out like a sore thumb, yet, I did not feel out of place, it was a very welcoming environment. I struck up several conversations and exchanged business cards with a few people as well before the meeting even began.

At the end of the meeting, a funny thing occurred, a gentleman walked up to me, shook my hand, asked my name and stated that he was so happy to see me there knowing that it is probably very difficult for me to attend such an event, given the possible repercussions from other non-conservative blacks. I was surprised at such a remark being made at the onset of a conversation, although as the conversation progressed it became clear that this person was somehow attempting to demonstrate his intellectual prowess when it comes to black issues and public figures. He immediately went on about how he loves Larry Elder, Thomas Sowell and other black conservative thinkers, although his hero is Dennis Prager. That is where I politely ended the conversation and decided to go home, as it was quite late. I was then stopped by another gentleman who seemed quite friendly and very out-going. He simply asked my name and if I were a first timer. We then got into a conversation about the communist party's infiltration of the Democratic and Republican parties. We discussed their influence over Johnny Cochran and discussed John Edwards history as a trial lawyer and how it affected the healthcare industry. We even discussed Jesse Jackson a bit, it just so happens that I am reading a book on Jesse Jackson called "Shakedown, Exposing The Real Jesse Jackson", it is quite fascinating. We then exchanged contact info and he put in a plug for me with a passing friend about doing some sign artwork for the local campaigns, so we will see how that turns out, and then we parted ways. They all invited me to go to a Dennys restaurant but I was pretty tired and had to get up early the following day, that day being today. So I declined and finally went home.

I signed up to do a canvassing of some neighborhoods this coming weekend, to pass out info and signs regarding the Bush/Cheney campaign as well as the local campaigns here in L.A. County. I've never been much on volunteering outside of church, so this will be quite a new experience for me. I will keep you posted.


Anonymous said...

Wow, Jerry, you went to a Townhall meet-up? I'm thinking of doing that, but I'm not all the comfortable around Repubs, either. I want to meet true CONSERVATIVES, you know what I mean? I guess what I really mean is CHRISTIANS. ;)

--La Shawn

Jerry McClellan said...

I didn't know what to expect, I've been wanting to attend one for quite some time and I finaly just did it. There are quite a few members, around 200+. There were only about 30 to 40 people at this particular meetup though.

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