Thursday, September 23, 2004

Future Question

Here is another post by Keith Harris titled "Future Question" posing a question about the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth controversy. I think it is an interesting point to bring up. While I would contend that it is meaningful to look at what Kerry did back in Viet Nam, I must also say that period alone should not be the focal point of his campaign, but an honest look at his history on a whole should be made and subject to examination by the public. I say this for both candidates, if they would be more upfront and honest about themselves from the onset, much of the "scandals", lies and half-truths taking place could be avoided, or at best ignored.

Without further adue:

The year is 2024 and one of the two major political parties is nominating the first ever single mom. Everyone has marveled at how she had been able to pull herself out of poverty and through adversity and all week long she has been the talk of the country. It’s Thursday night and the air is electric, she steps up to the podium pulls off a smart salute and say’s “PFC England reporting for duty.” The Democratic delegates go wild.

That night the 527 group “Abu Gharib Guards for Truth” issued the following statement. “Voters haven’t seen such a blatant use of ones questionable military record in 20 years.”

Everyone will say lets move on and quit dredging up the Iraq war in this election.

Are you mad yet?

Those of us who have no recollection of what happen in Vietnam have no right to tell the Swift Boat Vets and anyone else who was hurt by what John Kerry did after the war, too just move on.

Should we focus on Rather-gate or on the Swift Boat Vets? I think now is the time to bring the Vets back with the media’s new found thirst to be fair and balanced. After all, who wants to look like CBS.

Very good point brought up here regarding CBS and their lack of coverage of the Swift Boat Vets and their intense focus on Bush's National Gaurd service. Over at Lashawn Barber's Corner, she highlights an article by Ann Coulter that bears out this very point. Especially given the weight of the accusations of the Swift Boat Vets, they received little if any coverage by CBS. Bush's record though gets full profile on 60 minutes, inspite of the fact that he has already been elected president and served. Wouldn't it make more sense to focus on the mistakes he has made during this last administration? Theres been quite a few made including the intelligence debacle. Why not put a fine tooth comb to issues such as this and bring out the facts for all to view and judge for ourselves.

This is the problem of blind anger, there is no truth or rationale for it and therefore it leads you down a winding path of inconsistency and foolishness. Shame on CBS.


Ellbur said...

Perhaps the best description of these past events comes from a statement by somebody describing what it seemed like at the time, something like,

'Well, nobody made a fuss about it back then because it was true'

Furthermore, if you ever ask someone who's been in combat why they kept fighting, it's never for anything patriotic. They fight for the people beside them. It is not reasonable to claim that John Kerry's statements 'demoralized' the troops.

Jerry McClellan said...

Isn't fighting for your comrads a form of patriotism?

Anonymous said...

Ellbur, you mean nobody that mattered in the MSM's eyes?

Of course it mattered that sKerry freely and willingly feed the VC the kind of propaganda that POWs were tortured to the point of death for -- statements to indict their country.

Pathetic that sKerry was even allowed to get into public service, let alone run for office. In hindsight, the only thing that saved sKerry from being run up on treason was Tricky Dick's self-inflicted political woes.

Andy Foster